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War Machines – Mecha, Droids, & Robots

2nd Generation TokensIn the not so distant future mankind will create such engines of death and destruction that even the heavens will tremble at their might. Giant walking War Machines such as Battle Mecha, remote controlled combat drones, and cunning robots will take over the battlefield as mankind seeks to wage war at arms length.

This package of virtual tabletop tokens brings to the table a range of 3D rendered battle engines that can be employed to depict character controlled vehicles, or the futuristic technological henchmen of super corporations. Like all Studio WyldFurr token sets, each character set contains the “character” in a number of different action poses.

The package is broken up into two parts. The first part contains a collection of human sized robots and machines. Perfectly suited to depicting human style droids, alien invasion robots, or even a computer controlled sentry gun to blast away at alien hordes.

Inside the second part of the package you will find a collection of large vehicle tokens. These tokens depict large mechanical war engines, that can be used as terrain or mobile vehicles for players to pilot or battle against.

Because of the large size of these vehicle tokens, we recommend importing each token only when necessary.

Deploying the Tokens

When you purchase this token pack you will be given three download options, the first zip file contains the human size tokens as raw image files. While the second zip file contains all of the larger vehicle tokens as raw image files. These raw image files can also be used in Virtual Table-top (VTT) application system such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, Roll20, d20Pro, or any other VTT app that permits the use of PNG images to create tokens (but you will need to consult the FAQ documentation for those programs about how they employ tokens).

The third file is a Fantasy Grounds Module (.mod) file that is specific to the Fantasy Grounds App. The Module file only contains the human size token sets.

The module file will need to be placed in your Fantasy Grounds Modules folder within your Fantasy Grounds Data Folder. With the module installed you can activate or deactivate the War Machines token collection from within the Modules window within Fantasy Grounds itself.

Token Scale

The tokens have been rendered and scaled to match one inch to every three on screen pixels (1:3). This scale matches all of the Studio WyldFurr maps from our Compass Points mini-adventure packs, our range of Map Tiles, plus our full range of Virtual Table-top Tokens.

Compatible with…

The tokens are designed for use with online role-playing software such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, d20Pro, etc. Because of the special nature of Apps such as Roll20 we have included tokens saved as square images, so that they scale correctly in such apps that prefer to use a square image.

The token artwork was not designed for printing.

Purchase Options

This virtual tabletop collection of tokens is available for purchase right here on the Studio WyldFurr web site site, or if you have an account over at DriveThruRPG.com you can purchase the pack of tokens there.

Studio WyldFurr

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To purchase the War Machines Token Pack from DriveThruRPG.com, click on the button below to visit the DriveThruRPG web site site product page for this token pack.