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Tailz Silver PawsAbout Studio WyldFurr

Studio WyldFurr, the home of the personal projects of the eccentric artist known by the online pseudonym of Tailz. The studio is a breeding ground for multi-media projects ranging from sculpture, illustration, comic art, 3D Modeling, and fantasy roleplaying art. Tailz also freelances as a Graphic Designer with over 20 years of experience in print media advertising, desktop publishing, and small to medium size enterprise web site support.

The studio is full of half finished projects, and you are more than welcome to come and have a peek as Tailz tries to post regular updates here on the web site, or over on the Studio’s social media feeds: Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon.

Avatar: TailzTailz is the artist trapped inside Studio WyldFurr, chained to a desk so he may never escape! Enslaved to a Wacom tablet where he toils away at programs such as Photoshop, ZBrush, Poser, Daz3D, Clip Studio Paint, and Scrivener. Lost in the creation of magical fantasy worlds.

Don’t let him escape, it is so hard to recapture him!

Gaming Products

We have 20+ years of independant publishing of role-playing material in the form of downloadable multimedia content. From map building art packs, pre-generated adventure modules, to 3D rendered character tokens for the growing virtual tabletop roleplaying population.

In previous years we have concentrated on downloadable products in order to reach a far wider client base while also keeping our production material overheads down. But we seek to expand in the future into print media publications for our followers who wish for something far more tangable than bytes of data.

Where to find our Products

The majority of our growing range of products can be found for digital download from Our DriveThruRPG line of products are designed to support a wide range of Virtual Tabletop Applications such as Roll20, d20Pro, or Battlegrounds. Plus almost all of our pen-n-paper campaign material can be found on DriveThruRPG as well.

Products specifically setup to support the Fantasy Grounds application can be found in the Fantasy Grounds online store (or as downloadable content via Steam), each of those products are specific to the Fantasy Grounds App and must be activated within the Fantasy Grounds Module manager panel.

Support Studio WyldFurr on Patreon

Learn about how you can help support the studio with a subscription at Patreon.

Studio Video Stream

We recently started to keep a video log of sorts over on Twitch. You can watch the design process as Tailz works on his various different projects. At the moment this video streaming blog is very experimental with little in the way of interaction. But we hope you bring more features online as the stream gathers more support.


Join Tailz on Discord for a chat or if you have any questions.

You can find Studio WyldFurr Products on sale at these retailers

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