A character token standing upon a Map Tile SquareIn 2014 our resident eccentric artist and avid role-player hit on the idea of building a system of art assets that Game Masters could use to build role-playing maps. We wanted the system that is easy to use and employed the dungeon design principles established in the farther of all role-playing games: Dungeons & Dragons.

Classic D&D dungeon maps are all based on a simple grid system, where the dungeon walls are drawn following the grid lines. Doors were simple squares draw on a wall, while steps were pen strokes in the middle of a hallway.

Thus the Studio WyldFurr map tiles mirror this basic design principle, a map square depicting a photo realistic texture, with walls and doorwards along the edge of the square. Thus the map tiles were designed as an art resource, with each map tile slotting in with each other to create a smeamless mapping experience.

GIMP Tutorial

Want to get up and building maps right away? Why not download the free graphics app GIMP and start building role-playing maps after having a read of our Map Tiles GIMP Tutorial.


The creator of Battlegrounds launched a Kickstarter in 2017 to launch a Map Building Application to fill the space left by the absence of other well known map building apps. Studio WyldFurr map tiles are being converted into a form that will work with MapForge. For more information, check out the Mapforge web site.

Photoshop Tutorial

Do you use Photoshop to build role-playing maps? We have a tutorial about Tailz method he uses in Photoshop.