The Warrior's Blessing
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The Warrior’s Blessing

The tomb of the Journeyman Knight Fanz Hauser can be found just outside the small village of Carlsberg, carved into the rock of the mountain wall. The tomb has become a place of pilgrimage for many Warriors upon the path of the Great Quest. Adventurers from far and wide stop in at the Mothers Arms Tavern in Carlsberg en-route to pay their respects at the tomb of the fallen hero.

But many also visit the tomb in the hope of viewing the Ghost of Fanz Hauser. For tavern, tales tell that the ghost of Fanz Hauser will appear before those the ghost deems worthy of the challenge of the Great Quest. The apparition appears only to those it considers worthy of the difficult challenge of the Great Quest.

The spirit of the long-dead warrior tests the skill of would be Questing Knights, offering words of encouragement and guidance for the journey ahead. While for those who rise to the challenge of the Ghost, he bestows upon the pious his blessing for the path ahead.

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The Cube Adventure Path

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