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Dungeon Map Tiles IV

Expand the adventure with the fourth set Dungeon Map Tiles from Studio WyldFurr, a new art pack of tiles for building fantasy dungeons, wizards lairs, hide-out for barbarian gangs, you name it!

New Design Method!

In this map tiles pack we have employed far more PNG images than we have in previous map tile packs. We have done this because PNG images let us employ transparency as an integral part of the map tile design. For example in previous sets the walls and floors were combined, now the walls are separated from the floor in their own image files. This enables far more flexibility in map building. For example you could create a map using the floor tiles from Dungeon Map Tiles II and the Wall tiles from this pack for a totally different look!

A side effect to this is that some map tiles look, unfinished. Such as the spiral staircase tiles. But this is because the “steps” are now separate from the “walls” that encased them. This is done so that you can mix and match steps from one pack with walls from another.

Sample Mini-maps created with the Dungeon Map Tiles IV pack

What is a Map Tile?

Our map tiles depict an area of terrain, such as the floor of a cave, an area of grass, or where the floor meets a wall. The map tiles are provided as ready-made art elements that can be pieced together on a digital canvas to form an adventure map that players can explore.

All Studio WyldFurr map tiles have a unique “look’n’feel” as each map tile is a combination of photographic source material combined with hand drawn artwork.

Sample Sheet PDF

Sample PDF

Want to have a look at every map tile that is inside the Dungeon Map Tiles IV pack before committing to buying the pack? We have a PDF that is just perfect for you. We have a Sample Sheet PDF that displays every map tile that is inside the Dungeon Map Tiles IV package. You can simply download it here and check out what is inside the pack.

Map Tile Scale

The Studio WyldFurr range of digital role-playing tokens and map tiles all use a standard scale of 1 inch to 3 pixels, for a standard Dungeons and Dragons (3.5ed) character square of 180 pixels. Thus each map tile is a depiction of a 5ft square of terrain. But we have also included smaller 50 pixel square map tiles for those of us who use the smaller 50 pixel square size.

How to use the Map Tiles?

The map tiles have been made as a kind of ready-made art pack that you can simply just drag’n’drop onto a digital art canvas to build a map. To do this all you need is a graphics editing program such as Photoshop, Gimp, or another Map Making program that permit you to use pre-created tiles to build maps. We recommend using Gimp, it is free and is a very powerful program for this task. If you are not sure about what to do, we have a tutorial about building your own maps in Gimp.

Raw Image Files Art Assets Edition

This edition of the Dungeon Map Tiles IV pack is designed for use by advanced users who have access to graphics editing programs and apps such as Photoshop, Gimp, Krita, or Clip Studio. The package contains a wealth of raw image files in JPG and PNG file format. These image files form the building blocks which you can assemble into the form of a dungeon, fortress, or whatever kind of structure you desire.

We have a tutorial detailing how you can use the Map Tiles in Photoshop or Gimp.

Studio WyldFurr

Purchase the Raw Image Files Art Assets Edition of the Dungeon Map Tiles IV pack right here, right now, via the Studio WyldFurr web store.

$ 10.95


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