Sample Token & Map Pack

Sample Token & Map Pack

Want to get a feel for our digital table-top Tokens and Maps before committing to buying one of our token packs or Compass Points (mini-adventure sites). Then this is the token pack for you. This pack contains one Character Set of a jump suit clad, manga style, modern-day adventurer – plus a small map of a cobblestone path through an area of gravel and dirt.

This pack is intended to give you a sneak peek at the quality tokens and maps you can expect from Studio WyldFurr.

Second Generation Token Set
Sample Pack Contents

Sample Package Contents

Inside this pack is one character set, which consists of a number of digital 3D rendered images depicting the character in a number of different poses. From fighting poses, to standing, walking, running, and even sitting. Plus the package also contains one map image depicting an area of gravel and dirt with a 10ft wide cobblestone path running through the area. The map has been scaled so that 180 pixels equals one character square, or a 5ft square in-game world space.

Demo Girl Character Token Set


IMPORTANT: This token and map pack is for use with programs such as Fantasy Grounds II or Battlegrounds. This is not a stand along game, but a gaming aid for use in virtual tabletop role-playing software.

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