The Yanks Token Pack
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The Yanks Token Pack

2nd Generation TokensThis token pack is aimed at players and game masters who wish to recreate the Second World War in their role-playing group. The pack contains a number of American Paratroopers, American soldiers, artillery, transport vehicles, everything you need to start your Allied token collection.

As Hitler’s forces stormed through Europe, the United States of America was determined to stay out of another European war. But that all changed on the morning of December 7th 1941 when the Empire of Japan launched a surprise attack upon Pearl Harbor. Followed three days later by Germany declaring war on the United States as well. American soldiers headed towards the front, but their snappy dress uniforms, and slightly higher pay, gained the ire of many British and Commonwealth soldiers who had already been suffering the deprivation of war. To many Allied soldiers, the Yanks, as the Americans became known. Were “Over-sexed, over-paid, and over here!” But many Allied soldiers were thankful they were.

The Yanks Token Pack Contents

Package Contents

Contained within this package are the following character sets:

  • 75mm Pack Howitzer and Crew (13 tokens)
  • American – Paratrooper 1 (35 tokens)
  • American – Paratrooper 2 (44 tokens)
  • American – Paratrooper 3 (33 tokens)
  • American – Paratrooper 4 (56 tokens)
  • American – Soldier 1 (46 tokens)
  • Dodge T214-WC54 Ambulance (6 tokens)
  • Dodge WC51 Truck (11 tokens)
  • GMC CCKW 6X6 Truck (21 tokens)
  • Willys-Overland Jeep (26 tokens)

Design Notes: Included in the pack are 4 paratrooper token character sets, why so many?

  • Paratrooper 1: Totally different model (same style as Soldier 1) compared to Paratroopers 2, 3, and 4. Includes jump gear, deployed parachute token, and a limited number of combat poses.
  • Paratrooper 2: Uniform similar to those seen in the television series, Band of Brothers (paratrooper 2, 3, and 4 all use this uniform). Model wearing helmet, but carrying almost no pack equipment.
  • Paratrooper 3: Model is not wearing a helmet for face and hair detail, with no pack equipment. Includes poses on a motorbike.
  • Paratrooper 4: Model wearing helmet with full pack equipment, includes motorbike poses.


IMPORTANT: This token pack is for use with programs such as Fantasy Grounds II or Battlegrounds. This is not a stand along game, but a gaming aid for use in virtual tabletop role-playing software.

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