Ogre Thugs Token Pack

Ogre Thugs Token Pack

Ogre’s are large hulking beasts, twice the size of a man with tusks and bulging muscles. These lesser giant folk can be useful allies or deadly brute intent of beating you to a pulp!

The Ogre Thugs Token Pack provides you with a number of Ogre character token sets that you can use to represent Ogre characters or Ogre Monsters during your virtual tabletop role-playing games.


In folklore, a man-eating giant.
A cruel or terrifying person.

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Token Pack Contents

The Ogre Thugs Token Pack contains the following token character sets:

Sample: Thrug the Ogre
  • Boss Moss: Cargo Hauler (41 tokens)
  • Crad: Ogre Warrior (70 tokens)
  • Doug: Ogre Dock Worker (47 tokens)
  • Grom: Ogre Warrior (35 tokens)
  • Krunk: Ogre (34 tokens)
  • Markor: Ogre Barbarian (50 tokens)
  • Mr Grinkade: Ogre Merchant (35 tokens)
  • Ogre Executioner (63 tokens)
  • Ogre kingdom Warlord (42 tokens)
  • Thrug: Ogre (34 tokens)
  • Trunk: Ogre Warrior (41 tokens)
Sample: Krunk the Ogre
Sample: Ogre Executioner
Sample: Ogre Kingdom Warlord
Sample: Boss Moss, Cargo Hauler
Sample: Trunk Ogre Warrior
Sample: Doug the Ogre Dock Worker
Sample: Markor the Ogre Barbarian
Sample: Grom Ogre Warrior
Sample: Mr Grinkade, Ogre Merchant
Sample: Crad the Ogre Warrior

Token Scale

The tokens have been rendered and scaled to match one inch to every three pixels scale (1:3). This scale matches all of the Studio WyldFurr maps from our Compass Point mini-adventure packs, plus the full range of virtual tabletop tokens.


This package of .png image files can be employed as tokens in virtual tabletop apps such as Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, Astral, d20Pro, or any other virtual tabletop App that permits you the ability to use imported images as game tokens.

Fantasy Grounds Module

This pack of monster tokens includes a Fantasy Grounds Module file that can be employed in the Fantasy Grounds App to enable the Tokens directly inside the Token Bag within the App itself.

If you do not use the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop App, don’t worry. The Fantasy Grounds Module is a bonus extra expressly for Fantasy Grounds users. The core of the token pack is the collection of PNG image files that can be imported into any virtual tabletop app for use as game tokens.

Purchase Options

This virtual tabletop collection of tokens is available for purchase right here on the Studio WyldFurr web site, or if you have an account over at DriveThruRPG.com you can purchase the pack of tokens there.

Release Date: 20th of Febuary 2021

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