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Studio WyldFurr
Sci-fi Props and Gadgets

2nd Generation TokensSci-fi Props & Gadget Tokens

With the Sci-fi Props & Gadget tokens pack you can add even more detail to your science fiction maps. This art pack can be used to complement our Sci-fi Map Tiles package, giving you the ability to add in computer banks, tables, chairs, equipment and other props as you construct a role-playing map for systems such as GURPS, Starfinder, Shadowrun, Paranoia, or any other science fiction based roleplaying game. While the token module for Fantasy Grounds can be used inside Fantasy Grounds during a game to quickly add science fiction props as tokens during a game that is in progress.

Art Pack

This product consists of two parts, the first is the art pack ZIP file which contains all of the props and gadget tokens as raw PNG files. Each PNG file includes transparency information so that you can drop’n’drop a PNG onto a map as you are building it.

Fantasy Grounds Module

The second part of this product is a Fantasy Grounds Module file so that the tokens can be used as tokens from inside Fantasy Grounds. All you need to do is move the .mod file into the Modules folder inside your Fantasy Grounds Application folder. Then inside Fantasy Grounds, activate the module whenever you want to access the Sci-fi Props & Gadget tokens.

3D Rendered Objects

Each prop inside this art pack is a 3D rendered object that has been rendered from a number of different perspectives to give a 360 degree view of the object from a top down perspective. Plus all of the objects have been scaled to match Studio WyldFurr’s 3:1 scaled range of character tokens.

Sci-fi Props & Gadgets

There are over 70 Token sets inside this package, with each token set depicting one object from a number of orientations. There are generators, laser pistols, containers, specimen jars, hand held scanners, boxes, chairs, tables, sensor systems, and a wealth of random gadgets.

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Sci-fi Props and Gadgets