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Studio WyldFurr

The Dungeon Map Tiles II set expands on the success of our first Dungeon Map Tiles set with a second different texture theme for building your own castles, goblin villages, wizards towers, or whatever structure your imagination can cook up.

This set of map tiles expands the existing set of map tiles and brings you a completely new look and feel to the dungeon tiles, with all new artwork. This set includes all of the basic walls, passageways, and odd cornerstone tiles of the first set. Plus 10ft diameter curved wall tiles and 20ft diameter curved wall tiles. The outdoors tiles present a grungy brick building edge that seamlessly matches up with the grass tiles from the first set.

Dungeon Map Tiles II Sample

Tailz“I started this set to give Dungeon Masters a second series of tiles that can be used together with tiles from the first set to create multiple buildings each with their own different feeling. I hope you have as much fun with this set, as I did making it and using it in my own role-playing games.”
~ Tailz, Studio WyldFurr’s eccentric Artist

IMPORTANT: This map pack is intended for use with virtual role-playing Apps such as Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, Battlegrounds, or d20pro. This is not a stand alone game, but a gaming aid for designing role-playing maps for personal use only.

Map Tile Artwork

Each dungeon map tile is a combination of hand drawn artwork and photographic source material that gives us the unique style of all Studio WyldFurr Maps. All of the tiles have been rendered from a birds eye view of the landscape, with shadowing used to give the illusion of depth.

How to use the Dungeon Map Tiles?

The map tiles have been made as a kind of ready-made art pack that you can simply just drag-n-drop into place to build a map. To do this all you need is a graphics editing program such as Photoshop, Gimp, or one of the Map Making Programs that permit you to use tiles to build maps.

We have a map making tutorial about using Gimp to build a role-playing dungeon map – to view this tutorial simply Map Making Tutorial.

Printing Out Maps

Although the map tiles provided in this set were designed for use on the vertiual role-playing tabletop, you can print out your maps for use in the real world. We have included in the set two files that can be used in Photoshop or Gimp to print out maps for use on the tabletop.

Map Tile Scale

Our range of digital role-playing tokens all use a standard scale of 1 inch to 3 pixels, for a standard Dungeon and Dragons character square of 180 pixels. Thus all of our map tiles also use this character square size. But we have also included smaller 50 pixel square map tiles for those of us who use smaller 50 pixel square size.

Sample PDF

The tiles in this set differ to those in the first set. For a reference of all the tiles included in this map tiles set, please browse through this Sample PDF to view all of the tiles in this set.

Purchasing Options

Dungeon Map Tiles II

Just as with the first set, we released a series of pre-production packs while we were developing this series of dungeon map tiles. Doing this helped us break down the project into manageable parts, while also enabling people who wanted to help support us by purchaseing the packs from the Studio Store.

Now that we have reached a position where we feel comfortable enough to wrap up this project, we are wrapping up the whole project into a single jumbo pack that can be found on RPGnow.com.

Thus you can purchase each of the pre-production packs from the Studio Store, or you can purchase the whole lot at once from RPGnow.com.

The Dungeon Map Tiles II jumbo pack is available for $10.95 at RPGnow.com. But if you already own a few of the pre-production Map Tile Packs from the Studio Store, and don’t want to buy the whole thing again. You can still get the individual pre-production packs from the Studio Store.

List of the Pre-production Packs

Below is a list of all of the pre-production packs, all of these packs can be purchased individually. Or you can get the lot in the jumbo Dungeon Map Tiles II pack avalible on RPGnow.com.

Pack #1
This is the basic set, it contains all of the internal wall tiles and passageway tiles, plus the 5ft radius curved wall tiles.

Pack #2
This pack contains all of the outdoor wall tiles for placing a building upon a grassed surface. The tiles match up to the grass tiles in the first set.

Pack #3
This pack introduced the upper level outer wall tiles for cladding a map with upper level walls so you can build a second or third level map to overlay over another map.

Pack #4
Inside this pack you will find all of the tiles for building 10ft diameter round rooms or towers. Includes window tiles, outer wall tiles, etc.

Pack #5
The fifth pack is similar to pack four except it holds all of the tiles to build a 20ft diameter round room or tower.

Pack #6
Within this pack you will find all of the tiles needed for diagonal inner or outer walls plus diagonal passageways.