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2nd Generation TokensMonster Tokens II

This is Studio WyldFurr’s second pack of Monster tokens for virtual online role-playing via programs such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, or Roll20.

This token pack brings you a range of monster character token sets depicting a dozen of the most popular monsters from pen’n’paper role-playing history. First up are a number of Kobolds, followed by, lizard folk, and evil satyrs. There is a Chort (Eastern European pig demon), two Vahana character sets (workers for gods), and a large bulky stone elemental.

Chort (pig demon)Evil SatyrKobold PeasantKobold ShamanKobold Warrior #1Kobold Warrior #2Lizard ManShaggy Evil SatyrStone ElementalVahana ServantVahana Warrior
The Jolly Giant

Token Scale

The tokens have been rendered and scaled to match one inch to every three pixels scale (1:3). This scale matches all of the Studio WyldFurr maps from our Compass Point mini-adventure packs, plus the full range of Studio WyldFurr tokens.

Compatible with…

The tokens are designed for use with online role-playing software such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, or Because of the special nature of we have included tokens saved into 180 pixel square images so that they scale correctly in The token artwork was not designed for printing.

Preview PDF

Want to view a sample of all the tokens in the set before you purchase? Why not view our Preview PDF that displays all of the tokens in each character set within this pack.

Fantasy Grounds Module

A new feature we are starting to retroactively introduce with each token pack is a token module for Fantasy Grounds II. The module will be available as a separate downloadable zip file, so that people who do not use Fantasy Grounds II will not need to download it.

In order to use the new module, you must drap’n’drop the module file (the file with the .mod file extension) into the Module Folder within your Fantasy Grounds Data folder.

Then when you are within Fantasy Grounds II, click on the Tokens icon to open the Tokens Menu window. Then click on the Modules button at the bottom of that window. Next, find the module you wish to activate and “open the book” for that module. You can also select if you want to block players from loading the tokens or Allow players to load the tokens.

Purchase Options

This virtual tabletop collection of tokens is available for purchase right here on the Studio WyldFurr web site site, or if you have an account over at you can purchase the pack of tokens there.

Studio WyldFurr

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