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Studio WyldFurr

Stay Safe Friends

Together we can get through this difficult time. Remember the golden rules. Wash your hands, clean surfaces, maintain a safe distance, coff into your elbow, and stay home if you are feeling unwell (plus seek medical advice).

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Support the studio on Patreon and gain access to great benifits

Map Tiles

Ready made art assets for creating adventure maps for the virtual tabletop.

Monster Tokens

Populate your Virtual Tabletop Dungeon with a wide selection of Monster tokens.

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Free Battle Maps

Download the map, print it at A1 size, get it laminated so you can draw on it with a whiteboard marker.

Welcome one and all to Studio WyldFurr!

TailzGreetings and welcome to Studio WyldFurr! I am Tailz your guide and resident studio artist.

Studio WyldFurr has joined the Patreon community and I’m inviting you to come along and support the studio with your patronage. In return you will get great benefits. You will get to discuss new projects with me as they take shape, while gaining access to the products those projects produce a month ahead of the public release. Plus top level supporters get access to a library of current and past product packs!

For more information, visit our info page: Studio WyldFurr on Patreon. Or jump over to Patreon and join up.

Studio Shop

We have a growing range of virtual tabletop tokens, map tiles, and mini-adventure sites on sale in the Studio Store.

Map Pins

Ready made exploration locations created for the Pathfinder Second Edition role-playing game and the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop app.

Virtual Tabletop Tokens

Tokens for use with Apps such as Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, Battlegrounds, d20Pro, etc.

Map Tiles

Ready made art packs for the building of adventure game maps via a system of seemlessly interconnecting map tiles.

Most Popular Items in the Studio Store

Studio News and other Incoherent Babble

Using Studio WyldFurr Tokens in Fantasy Grounds

When using the automatic grid on a map in Fantasy Grounds, the program will resize any placed tokens to fit within a grid square. This can cause problems with Studio WyldFurr tokens which are not all squares and not scaled to fit within a typical 5ft character square....

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