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Studio WyldFurr
Iron Stone Map Tiles

Iron Stone Map Tiles

Thick iron bands and chunky rivets holds together rust stained concrete slabs in the Iron Stone Map Tiles art pack. A package of ready-made art assets for the avid Dungeon Master to indulge their cartography skills for constructing grungy dungeons.

Studio WyldFurr’s map tiles each depict a 5ft square area of terrain, such as the floor of a cave, an area of grass, or where the floor meets a wall. Each of the tiles are provided so that Game Masters can assemble the ready-made elements on a digital canvas to form an adventure map that players can explore.

All Studio WyldFurr map tiles have a unique “look’n’feel” as each map tile is a combination of photographic source material combined with hand drawn artwork.

New Design Method!

In this map tiles pack we have employed far more PNG images than we have in previous map tile packs. We have done this because PNG images let us employ transparency as an integral part of the map tile design. For example in previous sets the walls and floors were combined, now the walls are separated from the floor in their own image files. This enables far more flexibility in map building. For example you could create a map using the floor tiles from Dungeon Map Tiles IV and the Wall tiles from this pack for a totally different look!

PDF Sample Guide

Sample PDF

Want to have a look at every map tile that is inside the Iron Stone Map Tiles pack before committing to buying the pack?

We have assembled a Sample Guide PDF that displays every map tile that is included within the Iron Stone package.

Download the PDF and review the pack before deciding if this art pack is right for your campaign maps.

Iron Stone Map Tiles

Map Tile Scale

Studio WyldFurr’s range of digital role-playing tokens and map tiles all make use of a standard scale of one real world inch rendered at a scale of three screen pixels, for a standard 5ft character square pf 180 pixels square.

Thus each map tile is a depiction of a 5ft square of terrain. But we also include in each package, a 50 pixel scale version of each map tile for those of us who use the smaller 50 pixel square size.

Below are four sample mini-maps made with the Iron Stone Map Tiles set.

How to use our Map Tiles?

Our map tiles have been designed to act as a ready-made collection of art assets that can be assembled into the form of a dungeon by simply assembling the pieces like cartography Lego blocks.

To do this all you need is one of our Map Tiles Packs, a graphics editing program such as MapForge, Photoshop, Gimp, or another Graphics Editing application that will permit you to use pre-created art assets.

If you are not sure about what to do, we have a tutorial about building your own maps with GIMP, or Photoshop.

Grab the Iron Stone Map Tiles package and expand your map building tool kit, available from DriveThruRPG.com.