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The Tax Collectors

Sitting on the crossroads between the major industrial quarters of the province, is a large imposing structure that sends a shiver up every merchant’s spine the instant it comes into view, The Tax Collectors.

This fat bureaucratic edifice consists of a two-story stone building with a red tile roof. Guards loyal to the tax collector loiter in the shadows of the structure’s wide entrance. Keeping a watchful eye on each merchant who arrives to settle accounts with the Kings Provincial Tax Collector.

Within this building resides the local Taxation Inspector and the Kings Agent, tax collector himself. There are also a handful of Guards tasked with defending the King’s tax revenue – or in extreme cases – extracting the Kings taxes from the merchant and peasant folk of the province!
The building is the home base for the Tax Inspector who wanders the province monitoring the industrious peasants, while also keeping an ever watchful eye on the merchants to make sure the King gets his slice of the pie.

While the Kings Agent assigned to the province rarely leaves his office, the merchants have to come to him or face the prospect of being dragged to the Tax Collectors Office by the Collectors armed guards.

Merchants with arm loads of paperwork or carts laden with merchandise often visit the Tax Collectors building, seeking to settle taxation debt. Paying what is owed to the King with farm produce or the odd coin from a wealthy merchants purse.

Map Pin - The Tax Collectors

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This Map Pin module contains three 2520 pixel x 2520 pixel adventure maps depicting the ground floor, upper floor, and the underground store rooms of the Tax Collectors Provincial Office. The module includes twenty-eight Story Entries that detail the Tax Collectors building and inhabitants, along with NPC Data Sheets and virtual tabletop Tokens for characters that can be found within the building.

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