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A D&D 3.5e mini-adventure site for 2–4 Characters Levels 4-5

The devotees to a strange collection of Saints who steal from the rich and give to the poor, have established a small local town church in the poor quarter of town. The monks of the Church of Knives hold services each weekend for a small congregation of followers who are attracted by the charity of the monks.

The local folk whisper of a secret treasure horde hidden in an underground vault beneath the church, a treasure horde stolen from unscrupulous merchants and Barron’s who horded too much wealth while refusing to help the destitute people of the kingdom. Having stolen only the “excessive” wealth of the Barron’s, the monks now give away the treasure as charity to the poor during their weekly sermon.

This Compass Point deals with a small town church setup for the Church of Knives. The church acts as a focus from which the Master Monk can proselytise to the peasants and distribute the charity of the cult. While under the cover of being a small town church the Master Monk and his loyal retainer are guardians of a hidden vault.

The Hidden Vault

When the church was built a secret second underground level was constructed to house a mechanic vault, a system of four chambers and a combination lock.

The vault is employed to store a limited amount of coinage which the monks distribute to the poor during sermons, while the true nature of the vault is to store cursed artifacts that the Church of Knives has discovered.

What is a Compass Point?

Our Compass Points are not self contained adventure modules, although they could easily be turned into a mini-adventure. Instead the objective of a Compass Point is to act as “filler” material that a Game Master can add into their campaign.

We provide all of the maps and NPC Data information, plus plot hooks and NPC motivation, but how the Compass Point is inserted into the GM’s running narrative is completely up to the GM.

The entire principal behind our Compass Points is,

“A Game Master can simply employ the Compass Point module to add a side-adventure to their campaign, while the Story Content provides context, hints, and tips.”

Which Edition?

We created this adventure for use on the virtual tabletop, but today there are so many different virtual tabletop applications that we can not support them all. We have focused on supporting the Fantasy Grounds App for a number of years, but we know many of our supporters will want to use our Compass Points in other virtual tabletop apps. Thus we have two editions of the Compass Point on offer.

Generic Virtual Tabletop Edition

Do you role-play online using a virtual tabletop system such as Battlegrounds, Roll20, Astral, or d20Pro and still want to use Grunk’s Lair in that application? If the answer is yes, the Generic Virtual Tabletop Edition of this Compass Point mini-exploration adventure site is the package for you.

The pack contains all of the Game Master Narrative, Story Elements, and location detail documentation as a PDF. Plus the virtual tabletop tokens and maps are stored in separate folders for easy important into the VTT App of your choice.

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The Generic Virtal Tabletop Edition of this Compass Point can be purchased from us right here in the Studio store. Or you can purchase the pack over at

Fantasy Grounds Edition

Do you use the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop system for online role-playing? You can get Grunk’s Lair as a module that can be activated within Fantasy Grounds.

The Fantasy Grounds Module has been specially configured for use in Fantasy Grounds, with pre-configured Story entries, NPC data sheets, and NPC tokens. The module is available from the Fantasy Grounds store.

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The Fantasy Grounds Edition of this Compass Point can be purchased from us right here in the Studio store. Or you can purchase the Module over at the Fantasy Grounds web site.