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Studio WyldFurr

The Orc Horde Token Pack

This product comes in the form of a digital downloadable zip file which contains folders of “tokens” that display a single 3D rendered object or prop. The tokens are suitable for use with virtual tabletop apps such as Fantasy Grounds, or Battlegrounds, Roll20, Astral, d20Pro, etc.

Use as Art Assets: The material in this token pack can be employed as art assets during adventure map construction. You will need an art editing App such as Photoshop, Gimp, Clip Studio Paint, or Krita that permits you the ability to use imported image files.

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The Orc Horde Token Pack
The Orc Horde Token Pack
The Orc Horde Token Pack
The Orc Horde Token Pack
The Orc Horde Token Pack

Product Description

The Orcs of the Groen Tribe patrol the forest of the wild wilderness, preying on those foolish enough to trespass deep into their green domain.

Expand your range of Monster Tokens with the Orc Horde Token Pack from Studio WyldFurr. A range of four different tribal Orc character token sets to give Game Masters and players access to a wealth of rampaging Orc tokens.

Fantasy Grounds Module

The pack contains all of the tokens as PNG image files that can be imported into any Virtual Tabletop App that permits importing images as game tokens. But the pack also includes a Fantasy Grounds .mod file. The .mod file is a module that can be activated within the Fantasy Grounds App to make the tokens available within the app.

In order to use the module, you must drap’n’drop the .mod file into the Module Folder within your Fantasy Grounds Data folder. Then when you are within Fantasy Grounds, click on the Tokens icon to open the Token Bag Menu window. Then click on the Modules button at the bottom of that window. Next, find the module you wish to activate and click on the activate button to make the module active. Doing so will make a new Bag of Orc Horde tokens appear in the Token Bag window.

To learn more about this product, visit the Project page for the Orc Horde Token Pack.