Publication Date: Thursday, 08 April 2021

Using Tokens in Fantasy Grounds Unity

Using Tokens in Fantasy Grounds Unity

The new Unity build of the virtual tabletop role-playing application Fantasy Grounds, has introduced a number of fantastic innovations that are quite advanced compared to the capabilities of the old classic version of the program.

The new tools that enable the creation of adventure maps within the program, are wonderful! The pallet of options that give a Game Master access to object layers, line of sight masking, and the ability to use art assets. Makes the virtual tabletop software quite powerful for running adventure games.

But these innovations have come with a trade-off, squished game tokens. Placed tokens are now squished to fit a map grid quadrant, be it a square, hex, or isometric square.

This is an old problem that we first encountered with Roll20, where placed tokens would be deformed to fit a map grid square. To compensate for this in older token sets we included a Roll20 folder that had copies of tokens that fit perfectly within a 180px square. But this limited the tokens we created to just an odd few tokens or no tokens in sets that had large creatures that were just too big to fit inside a 5ft map grid square!

The issue also comes from the point that a number of the innovations in Fantasy Grounds Unity (or Roll20) rely on the program having a fixed definition of a placed token, so it can render effects such as the Line of Sight of a character, or lighting effects for a character that might be holding a light source such as a lanturn.

Luckly for us, placed artwork in Fantasy Grounds Unity might be squished to a grid square, but the resized artwork retains its proportions. Thus we can use a few little tricks to get the game token back to an appropriate size and maintain its proportions.

  • Holding down the CTRL button and scrolling the middle mouse button will change the scale of the selected token,
  • While holding down the ALT button and scrolling the middle mouse button will rotate the selected token.

Thus once a token is placed, you can hold down the CTRL button and scroll the middle mouse button to re-size the artwork up to where it should be.

This is a bit of a clunky workaround, but it will have to do until the makers of Fantasy Grounds Unity look into setting up some Game Token Controls.

Do the folks at Fantasy Grounds have plans to look into these issues for players who don’t want to use Pog’s?

At this point in time, from what I have read on the Fantasy Grounds forums, it is not a priority as they are catering for Pog’s. Which is understandable, makes programming these issues far more simple. But I hope in the not too distant future the FGU guys will look into controls for players who like to use placed artwork for game tokens instead of circles.