Publication Date: Monday, 13 January 2020

Using Studio WyldFurr Tokens in Fantasy Grounds

Using Studio WyldFurr Tokens in Fantasy Grounds

This tutorial was written for Fantasy Grounds Classic, not the Fantasy Grounds Unity version of the application.

When using the automatic grid on a map in Fantasy Grounds Unity, the program will resize any placed tokens to fit within a grid square. This can cause problems with Studio WyldFurr tokens which are not all squares and not scaled to fit within a typical 5ft character square.

This is a similar problem that happens in Roll20.

To avoid having all of your tokens squished into a grid square. Disable the grid by right clicking on the map, in the menu popup that appears, click Layers, then click Grid Off. Doing so will turn the grid off and will stop Fantasy Grounds from squishing placed tokens into a character square.

Having the grid off will not be a problem on maps produced by Studio WyldFurr as we include a grid in the artwork.

Forcing the Tokens to remain at size/scale

With the grid disabled, right click on the map to get the menu to appear and then click on the Resize option, then click on the Original Size option. This will force the map to its original size. More than likely the map will now fill the screen, don’t zoom out! Zooming out will change the map scale, just resize the box the map is inside or push the box off to the side if you need to see other items on the Fantasy Grounds interface.

Open the Tokens Library panel and find a token from Studio WyldFurr. Drop the token onto the map – if the grid is off and the map is at original size – it should appear at scale and size correctly. Now right click on the token that is on the map. In the menu that appears, click on Lock Token Scale.

You can now zoom in and out on the map, and the tokens will remain at their correct size and scale to the map. Plus each extra token you place will use the same scale.