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Welcome to the User Guide for WyldFurr’s Virtual Tabletop gaming material such as our range of role-playing Tokens and Maps. This user guide covers using our tokens or maps in the Fantasy Grounds software sold separately by Smite Works – but the use of our tokens and Maps is not exclusive to Fantasy Grounds, eg: many customers use our range of tokens and maps in Battlegrounds.

For software specific questions, consult the User Guide that came with your software.

How to Instal Tokens

To install your tokens, all you need to do is drag’n’drop the folder containing your tokens from the pack you purchased – into the /tokens/host/ folder inside Fantasy Grounds.

To do this, click on the Application Data Folder from the Fantasy Grounds II menu folder. This will open a window displaying the contents of that folder. Double click on the Tokens folder to view it’s contents. Now just drag’n’drop the WyldFurr G2 Tokens folder into the Host folder. Your tokens are now ready for use.

Note: Customers with our original tokens will notice that all new tokens now come in a folder labeled “WyldFurr G2 Tokens” This is to help you distinguish between our old tokens and the new Second Generation of tokens. Your more than welcome to simply add the new tokens to your old WyldFurr Tokens folder if you want to keep them all in one folder.

Install Guide Artwork

Installing Maps

Using the map images in Fantasy grounds follows a similar procedure as installing the tokens. To install a map into your Campaign, you need to open the Campaigns Folder inside the Application Data Folder from the Fantasy Grounds II menu folder.

Inside that folder will be a folder with the folder label of your campaign game. Open that folder to view it’s contents. Now drag’n’drop the image file that belongs to the map you want to use in your campaign, into the Images Folder inside your campaign folder.

Once the image is inside that folder, it will be accessible when you play your campaign.

Fantasy Grounds: Setting the Map Grid On each WyldFurr map, in the top left corner of the map you will find a set of markers to use as a guide for setting the map grid in Fantasy Grounds. This marker is placed to help align your grid to the map, as all elements on the map (doors, walls, etc) are aligned to this grid.

To set the grid, right click to access the menu options. Click on the Layers option, and then click on the Set Grid option. This will turn the mouse pointer into a little target, now click’n’drag from one marker apex to the other marker apex – let go of the mouse button when the number inside the box reaches 180 – this last part is very important!

Setting the Grid

Your map grid is now set correctly to match the map.

Token Scaling Aid

Token Scaling AidOne of the tokens we have included in all of our Tokens sets, is a token scaling aid. This token represents a 5ft x 5ft square, at the same scale as the tokens in your WyldFurr product pack. This special token is handy for matching your WyldFurr tokens to a map created at a different scale then the tokens in the WyldFurr collection (maps from WyldFurr are rendered at the same scale as the tokens).

If order to match your WyldFurr tokens to the scale of your map – simply place the scaling aid token upon your map, and then re-scale the map until the token’s square area fits within a 5ft square space according to the scale measurement on your map. Then lock the token scale at that level.

User Guide PDF

Each token pack and Compass Point mini-adventure site that we produce, includes this User Guide in PDF form. You can also download the User Guide PDF right here.

Click here to download the user guide PDF.

User Guide PDF