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Publication Date: Saturday, 21 November 2020

Tutorial: How to Install Modules into Fantasy Grounds Unity

How to Install Modules into Fantasy Grounds Unity

Welcome to this tutorial aimed at explaining how to install a Module file into Fantasy Grounds Unity.

This tutorial is being created on a Windows PC, but the process should be the same for an Apple Mac system.

What is a Fantasy Grounds Module File?

A module file is an archive file that contains data such as image files, tokens, story and game information that the Fantasy Grounds App can read. We use module files for Token Packs and for our Pathfinder 2nd Edition Map Pins and d20SRD Compass Points Adventures Modules. A Fantasy Grounds Module file is easy to identify in our product zip files, it is normally stored in a folder labelled as: Fantasy Grounds Module. Plus the file itself includes the .mod extension, eg: file_name.mod

Step One: Locate the Program App Data Folder

The first thing you need to do, is to start the Fantasy Grounds App to display the welcome panel. On this panel you need to find the small folder icon that is located in the top left hand corner of the panel. When clicked this little folder icon will open the Fantasy Grounds Unity Application Data folder. Go ahead and click the icon to open the folder…

Open the FGU app and click on the folder icon in the top right hand corner.

Step Two: Find the Modules Folder

Once that folder icon is clicked, a folder browser window will appear displaying the contents of the Fantasy Grounds Unity Data folder. This folder contains all of the resource files that Fantasy Grounds needs when it is operating, such as Tokens, Images, RPG System Rule Sets, Campaign Files, etc.

The folder we need, is the Modules folder. Keep this file browser panel open as we will need it in a moment.

Find the "modules" folder.

Step Three: Find the Module File that came with your Product

Now that you have located the Modules Folder in the Fantasy Grounds Application Data folder, you will need to locate the module file you want to install into Fantasy Grounds Unity.

Purchased from DriveThruRPG

If you purchased a Studio WyldFurr product from DriveThruRPG.com that includes a Fantasy Grounds Module file, the module file will ether be a separate download or it will be inside the product zip file.

Ether way you are looking for a file name that includes the .mod file extension identifier. For example: The Sci-fi Props & Gadgets Token Pack includes a separate downloadable file named: wyld-t-sfpg.mod

Patreon Dungeon Master

If you are a Dungeon Master tier studio supporter at Patreon you will have access to the studio Project Library, which grants you access to all of our products. Inside the folder for each product that includes this feature you will find a folder titled: Fantasy Grounds Module. Inside that folder you will find the module file for the product.

Step Four: Copy the .mod file into the Modules Folder

Now that you have located the .mod file that you want to install, you need to copy it into the Modules Folder inside the Fantasy Grounds Unity Application Data Folder.

Just click to copy the .mod file and then paste it inside the Modules Folder that we found in Step Two above.

That is it!

You have just installed the module.

With the .mod file inside the Modules Folder, the Fantasy Grounds Unity App can then read the module file and load the components inside the .mod file into the application the next time it runs.

Paste the .mod file INTO the modules folder.

Congratulations, your module is installed and ready to go the next time you run the Fantasy Grounds Unity application. Happy gaming and don’t forget to checkout our latest projects. Or if you want to help support the studio, why not become a studio supporter at Patreon? For just $6 a month you can gain access to the projects we create on a monthly basis as well as our entire Project Library of previous projects!