The Cube, World Guide

Trapped in a magical puzzle box world, go on a quest to discover the long forgotten secrets of the Cube. All while struggling to survive the Cube’s deadly inhabitants and hazardous dungeons!

The Cube is a project that is currently in production, with an aim to produce one adventure module each month (or each other month depending upon time restraints). Each adventure module is set in the magical puzzle world of The Cube, with an overarching plot of “The Great Quest” for the players to solve.

Once completed the world guide and all of the adventure modules will be released as a printed book along with Fantasy Grounds modules. The World Guide will provides you with background details about the inhabitants, locations, civilizations, and dungeons that can be explored in the magical micro world of the magical artifact known as, the Cube.

The Artifact

Old Bards say the Cube was made in the forges of the Gods, when the worlds were young. Others say powerful Wizards created the Cube. While parents tell their children that the Cube’s Maze is where naughty children are sent.

Ancient and indestructible, the Cube is an artifact that has slipped through the pages of time and memory. Visually the Cube appears to be a puzzle box of intricate design, the surface covered by a simple geometric maze.

The surface of the Cube is marked with generations of wear and tear, while grit and grime darkens the maze like surface of the roughly seven inches square box.

Although many have sort the artifact as an object of power. Many a tyrant having captured the Cube, knows not, what to do with it? Yet the prestige of acquiring the Cube, seems to be enough for the power hungry.

But yet no living being has guessed the Cube’s true purpose, while all written lore has been lost throughout the ages. Now all that remains is the Cube, and curiosity about it’s function. If it ever had one.

The World of the Maze

The Cube itself is a magical world. At a purely subjective level, what appears to be simple grit and grime in the nooks and crannies of the Cube’s labyrinthine surface, are actually vast microscopic forests and grasslands.

The sentient inhabitants of the Cube each have their own origin myths about how their folk came to be trapped within this infinitesimal realm.

Some think of the Cube as a prison. An oubliette for powerful mischievous beings, sealed away within the Cube as punishment by angry Gods.

While others believe that the Cube is the training ground for powerful warriors, the greatest warriors questing for a way to return to the real world.

But most folk are just trying to survive the Cube. Scrapping a living out of the relatively calm places of maze, while avoiding the wild wilderness. Burrowing into the mountain like walls of the labyrinth to form a warren of fortified villages.

The Great Quest

Many creatures from the wide multi-verse have been summoned against their will and vomited into the puzzle world of the Cube. Some do their best to simply get on with their lives in this new environment, while others reject this mockery of reality and seek a means to travel back to their own world. The inhabitants of the Cube call this path of investigation and adventure, the Great Quest. Those who set out on the Great Quest seek those who know of hidden pathways inside the mechanical workings of the Cube. Exploring dark dungeons for secret doorways to a long lost chamber that houses the means of getting off the Cube and returning to the real world.

The Great Quest is an adventure path set in the puzzle world of the Cube and written for the Pathfinder Second Edition role-playing game system.

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