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WyldFurr Trilogy

Kitsune with an Energy StaffSitting upon the grass under a shady tree, surrounded by a myriad of young fuzzy ears with eyes intently locked upon the story teller – a pastel blue creature akin to a fox, or some kind of intelligent cat – clears his throat and begins to speak. “Let me tell you a story, but not a story like any other. Oh indeed it starts like almost every other story. In a land far away, a long time ago, and once upon a time. But this story is more than those words, there is history, love, misfortune, and most importantly, adventure.”

The young Kitsune sitting around the narrator gaze in wonder and awe as their story teller begins to tell them another tale of long ago… the WyldFurr Trilogy…

Where to Begin…

Our story starts out in the present, but it is about the long forgotten past. At least, not forgotten by everyone. While on the other hand, this is not your past, but the history and story of a species of creatures from a very long way away. So it is no wonder that you, humanity upon the planet Earth, have not heard the tale before.

Our guide upon this adventure comes in the form of a short blue creature with little triangle ears and a long tail. His name is Tailz, and although he has his own tale – as much as he does not know this – he is our narrator.

Episode Chronology

The story begins back in a very dark age of history, before the wonders of electric, the taming of gravity, or many other wondrous advancements. Back in the ancient days of candles, swords, and Armour the Kitsune folk quarreled endlessly between each other. Feuds over pride, land, honor, wealth, and all manner of meaningless material things – but most of all, for the authority to rule over others. In that day and age a single city state sparked like a diamond of hope. The City of Feathers…

Kitsune Clock

Episode #1: The Lust for Power

In the distant West, kings have fought each other since time began, each vying for the right to claim the title of Emperor, Lord of all Kings. The child son of a contender for the Imperial title marches towards the east in order to expand Imperial domain. But in his way stands Clan Feather and the city state of Feathers. An honorable and prosperous domain administered by noble lords of worth, defenders and makers of laws. A clan based on reason, instead of a child drunk on power.

Episode #2: Deaths Door

A great darkness has overtaken the Empire, rotting it’s heart to the core with debauchery and vice. Revolution is in the air as oppression drives even pacifists to resist the Lord of Kings as Clans turn against an Empire that once conquered in the name of justice only to turn into an Imperial domain of oppression and subjugation.

Episode #3: Princeps, The First Citizen

The great war struggles onwards in the form of conflict between those who back royalists and ancient imperial families, and those who demand a republic. All the while darkness looks down upon the squabbling masses and laughs until Clan Grey, turns upon darkness and condemns him as the bringer of light is born. Holst is raised up by Clan Grey, a Kitsune of majestic white fur. But he turns to the disorder of the great war and seeks to bring about the downfall of imperial privileged, personal ambition, with the taming of the last twin of darkness.

Episode #4: Death Throws

Advancements in science, the conquest of space travel and even the construction of an entire planet are not enough to ward off a great catastrophe as contact with an alien species results in the near annihilation of the species.

Episode #5: Memories

In the wake of almost total destruction, rebuilding of the Empire commences but the Kitsune seek moral and ethical guidance. The senate commissions the creation of the most advanced artificial Intelligence using the collected works of Holst as a mental template. But the rebirth of Holst opens up the question of intelligence itself. Princeps once more sets forth on a new quest for understanding, generations after his own death.

Episode #6: Artificial Angel

Conducting experiments on self-sustaining energy matrices, with the objective of delving into the concept of a pure consciousness, a young child is born of pure energy.

Episode #7: Scatterbrain

An injured Kitsune falls from the sky in Russia and is found by a drunken retired soldier. The strange creatures mind has been torn asunder and appears to be unraveling as he sees things that others can not. Meanwhile his very presence prompts questions from the authorities about this strange creature and the unknown materials it had when it fell from the sky. But lurking in the background, something else stirs and searches for the creature.

Episode #8: The Levelers

A police cordon has been thrown around the United Nations building as a strange metallic starship has alighted at the very entrance to the building. From the vessel steps a small furred creature in flowing robes, an imperial senator from the Kitsunate Empire has arrived to establish diplomatic ties with the people of the planet Earth. But the coming of the Kitsune brings with it social upheaval, as everything is questioned and turned over, science is unraveled, the faithful revolt, there is mass chaos and the threat of wars as the balance of power is thrown into chaos as the greedy seek to establish peace, but their own kind of peace in the face of the ultimate lever, Kitsuneate morals and ethics. But the visit is not all it seems, is the visit of aliens from another planet, just a dream in the minds of world leaders?

Episode #9: Hither and Yon

A new planet and new arrivals are the least of her problems when Kitsune begin to experience psychotic mental disturbances as Kitsune evolution throws a spanner into the works. Kyeeshka de’ Grey sets out to figure out why young Kitsune are hearing voices as her own personal relationships with those around her, begin to change.

Episode #10: Everafter

Living with the pain and memory of what others would call, adventure. Kyeeshka and Tailz attempt to continue on with their lives after having undergone a life threatening adventure. Ether unwilling to admit and accept the change that it has had upon themselves.

Episode #11: Legacy Child

All is quiet, buildings slowly fall into decline as nature reclaims all that once belonged to her. Into this quite world step explorers from another world, searching across the stars for life. But upon Imperious they have stumbled upon a long forgotten culture, one that has long passed into memory. But some still remain who remember who came before.

Music that Inspired the Story

Listen to the music that inspired the WyldFurr Trilogy.

The Paper Clock

Just been rummaging through a lot of my old backup files and I came across this good scan of an old sketch I did as a gift for my Aunt.

The sketch is of four Kitsune characters painting a number of sheets of paper/card to look like a large clock – which is what the drawing was turned into (thus the black hole in the middle of the drawing).

Medium: Water Color Pencils on Illustration Board.

Date: Sometime in 2010

The Paper Clock