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World War II Warriors – Token Pack

2nd Generation TokensBattle your way across the Eastern Front or the battlefields of Normandy and France with this Second World War themed token package. Populate your 1940’s Battlefields with virtual tabletop warrior tokens from the Soviet Red Army, the British Empire, or the Americans.

The character token sets included in this token package:

The Germans

Sample: Herbert the German Late War SoldierSample: Werner the Late War German SoldierSample: Otto the German RiflemanSample: Gunter the German RiflemanSample: Klaus the German Rifleman

The British

Sample: John the British SoldierSample: Timmy the British TommySample: Charles the British SoldierSample: James the British SoldierSample: Charlie the Desert Rat

The Soviet Union

Sample: Luka the Soviet SoldierSample: Nikita the Soviet SoldierSample: Vaughn the Soviet SoldierSample: Sasha the Soviet OfficerSample: Misha the Soviet Winter Soldier

The United States of America

Sample: William the American SoldierSample: Jayden the American SoldierSample: Jacob the American SoldierSample: Joe the American Soldier

Objects, Props, and Vehicles

Sample: Panzerkampfwagen VI – Tiger ISample: Tiger I - Factory GreySample: Tiger I - European CamouflageSample: SU-76 Self-propelled GunSample: Sherman M4A4 TankSample: Sherman M4A4 Tank (Desert)Sample: 8cm Infantry Mortar

Deploying the Tokens

When you purchase this token pack you will be given three download options:

  • .zip file – The .zip file contains all of the tokens as .png image files which can be used as tokens in almost all of the major virtual tabletop applications such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, Roll20, or d20Pro. For directions about how to implement tokens in the VTT App of your choice, consult the FAQ documentation for those programs.
  • .mod file – The .mod file is a module file specific to the Fantasy Grounds App. The module file will need to be placed in your Fantasy Grounds Modules folder within your Fantasy Grounds Data Folder. With the module installed you can activate or deactivate the token collection from within the Modules window within Fantasy Grounds itself.

Token Scale

The tokens have been rendered and scaled to match one inch to every three on screen pixels (1:3). This scale matches all of the Studio WyldFurr maps from our Compass Points mini-adventure packs, our range of Map Tiles, plus our full range of Virtual Table-top Tokens.

Compatible with…

The tokens are designed for use with online role-playing software such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, d20Pro, etc. Because of the special nature of Apps such as Roll20 we have included tokens saved as square images, so that they scale correctly in such apps that prefer to use a square image.

The token artwork was not designed for printing.

Purchase Options

This virtual tabletop collection of tokens is available for purchase right here on the Studio WyldFurr web site site, or if you have an account over at you can purchase the pack of tokens there.

Studio WyldFurr

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