World War II Token Collection

World War II Token Collection

We have a special deal for all our fellow Game Master friends out there! We have wrapped up all of our World War II Token Packs into one jumbo bundle deal and discounted the whole lot by 30%.

You get $13.92 worth of value for just $9.74.

This pack bundles together our German tokens with the Pak40 cannon and the FlaK38 anti-aircraft gun against the Yankies with their airborne paratroops, Willies Overland Jeep, and 75mm pack howitzer!

Inside this bundle you will find the following token packs:

German Token Pack

Regular price: $6.96
Bundle price: $4.87

The Yanks Token Pack

Regular price: $6.96
Bundle price: $4.87

Save with a Bundle Deal

The World War II Token Collection gives you $13.92 worth of value for only $9.74.

If you are running a Second World War campaign, you need to have a supply of German Storm Troopers along with their anti-tank weapons and supply vehiles, to pit against the forces of the Yankies with their tough airborne troops and artillery.

Studio WyldFurr’s token packs are designed for use with virtual tabletop role-playing with your favorite virtual tabletop gaming App, such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, d20Pro, or Roll20.

Total value: $13.92
Special bundle price: $9.74
Savings of: $4.18 (30%)

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