Tomb of the Screaming Skull
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Tomb of the Screaming Skull

The giant mountain walls of the puzzle box world loom over the landscape like a giant megalith. The road of the Traders Way rolls along the floor of the area between the gigantic walls of the maze, proving quick passage to those who hurry along its length.

Heading from the fortified village of Carlsberg towards the trading hub of Ulmsberg, the landscape is mostly flat and featureless, except for the odd small farming hamlet or homestead of those brave enough to live in the wild spaces of the Cube. Patches of bush grow here and there, while woodland obscures the base of the mountain walls.

Just outside Ulmsberg, at the base of the mountain wall, can be found a simple stone doorway to an ancient tomb. The passageway beyond held fast from intruders by a sturdy wooden barrier.

Adventurers that pass through the local Ulmsberg Tavern hear stories of an insane necromancers skull that is kept inside the cold stone tomb. The tavern tale tells that when this skull is held up to an enchanted mirror, the trapped soul within it will begin speak. Screaming, wailing, shouting insults and damning those present.

Between the cursing and cussing the damned soul of the cursed necromancer babbles like a mad lunatic about the creation of the Cube world, apparently the necromancer played a role in the creation of this puzzle world.

Those who listen carefully to the ranting soul may be able to pick up clues about how to solve the puzzle of the Cube world, and perhaps find the doorway that leads back to the real world. Do you dare to trust the mad words of a cursed necromancer?

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