The Needle

The Needle

Standing proud from the floor of the giant maze that is etched all over the puzzle world of the Cube stands a slender needle-like spire. The Needle, as it is called by the local people was once the home of a Wizard who legend tells was one of the creators of the world of the Cube.

Adventurers from all across the world of the Cube travel to the Needle in order to search the lower levels of the tower. Seeking clues as to the construction of the Cube, and perhaps a scrap of evidence towards the doorway home.

Book Extract

This adventure module is an extract from the far larger adventure path and world guide that is presently in production with Studio WyldFurr. When the project is completed the complete Adventure Path (which this module is a part of) will all be published together with the World Guide as a printed book and Fantasy Grounds Module.

During production each adventure module from the adventure path will be released as an extract PDF and Fantasy Grounds Module for studio supporters on Patreon.

The Cube Adventure Path

This module is a part of the adventure path being written for the fantasy puzzle box world of The Cube. Click below to browse the other adventure modules in the series.

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