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The Dark Mansion Map Cards

The Dark Mansion is a large (or small) white washed marble building on a large estate surrounded by open grassy fields. Who knows what is going on inside the building? Time to explore!

This tabletop gaming supplement is designed for role-playing or table top war-gaming. The Mansion is made up of a number of 6 inch square Map Tile Cards that can be arranged to build a large Mansion of several rooms, or a small Mansion of only a few rooms. The package also contained a number of wilderness tiles of open grass or sparsely wooded areas.

Build a big mansion, or a small one with map cards.

Package Contents

The Dark Mansion Map Tiles package contains 20 map cards, each map card measures six inches square with artwork on both sides.

Preview Images

Below are two sample images from the Map Cards in the Dark Mansion set of six inch square map cards. Each card is double-sided, printed in full color on standard card stock with square cut corners (includes low-gloss UV Coating).

Purchase Options

The Dark Mansion map cards are available for sale from DriveThruCards.com. You can purchase the electronic PDF and print the cards yourself for $16 USD. Or you can purchase the “print on demand” map cards for $16 USD. Both items can be purchased for $21 USD.

Get the Dark Mansion Map Cards at
The Dark Mansion Map Cards at DriveThruCards.com

The Dark Mansion Map Cards

Sample Art: The Dark Mansion Map Cards

Fantasy Grounds Unity Art Asset Module

A new feature that has been introduced with the advent of the Unity edition of the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop app, is the conversion of some Studio WyldFurr products into art asset packs that take advantage of the map building tools inside Fantasy Grounds Unity. These art asset modules can be loaded into Fantasy Grounds Unity and activated within the app to enable using the art assets to create maps using the toolset inside Fantasy Grounds Unity.

These art asset modules for Fantasy Grounds Unity are only avaible to Patreon supporters of Studio WyldFurr.