The Cult of Ohzv Map Cards

The Cult of Ohzv is a small cultist building with an underground dungeon complex. Who knows what the cult is up too underground? Whispers through the grape vine hint at necromancy! Time to explore!

This tabletop gaming supplement is designed for role-playing or table top war-gaming. The Cult of Ohzv is made up of a number of six inch square Map Tile Cards that can be arranged to build a cult shrine in the wilderness plus the cults underground passageways and chambers. There are enough map cards that the underground complex can be small or large, just use more or less map cards.

Sample Art: The Cult of Ohzv Map Cards

The Cult of Ohzv

Purchase Options

The Cult of Ohzv Map Cards are available for sale from DriveThruCards.com. You can purchase the electronic PDF and print the cards yourself for $16 USD. Or you can purchase the “print on demand” map cards for $16 USD. Both items can be purchased for $21 USD.

Package Contents

The Cult of Ohzv Map Tiles package contains twenty-four 6″ x 6″ Tile Cards, printed on standard card stock. Double-sided with alternative artwork of the reverse side of each card. Square cut corners, low-gloss UV coating. Technically there are twenty-five cards if you include the “cover” card that includes instructions on the reverse side.

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