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Sci-fi Starter Bundle

We have a special deal for all our fellow Sci-fi Game Master friends out there! We have wrapped up our top science fiction packs into a bundle deal and discounted the whole lot by 25%!

You get $27.85 worth of value for $20.89.

This pack bundles together all of the essential elements for building futureistic adventure maps for game systems such as Shadowrun or Starfinder. The pack also includes character tokens and object prop tokens perfect for use in virtual desktop role-playing apps such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, Roll20 or d20Pro.

Inside this bundle you will find the following packs from Studio WyldFurr:

Sci-fi Map Tiles

Regular price: $10.95
Bundle price: $8.21

Starship Crew Tokens

Regular price: $9.95
Bundle price: $7.46

Sci-fi Props & Gadgets

Regular price: $6.96
Bundle price: $5.22

Save with a Bundle Deal

The Sci-fi Starter Bundle gives you $37.82 worth of value for only $28.37.

Get yourself fully setup for some Starfinder or Shadowrun science fiction pen’n’paper or virtual tabletop role-playing with your favorite virtual tabletop gaming program (such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, d20Pro, or Roll20), with map tiles to make adventure maps, futuristic objects’n’props, and starship crew tokens to get you started for just $$20.89.

Total value: $27.85
Special bundle price: $20.89
Savings of: $6.96 (25%)

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Sci-fi Starter Bundle