Operation Weedkiller
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Operation Weedkiller

An organised crime group has infiltrated the Deep Space Initiative Project and set up a drug lab in the sector. Operation Weedkiller is the start of a campaign to ferret out those who infiltrated the expedition with these criminals. Starting with a raid on the criminal drug lab, your mission is to round up these underworld figures discover how far the project has been infiltrated by these criminals.

Adventure Module #1

This material is being designed as the starting mission belonging to an adventure path consisting of a number of missions set in the Deep Space Initiative science fiction Campaign, written for the Starfinder Role-playing System.

Operation Weedkiller Sample Art

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Deep Space Initiative Adventure Path Modules

This module is a part of an expending adventure path being written for the science fiction campaign setting: the Deep Space Initiative. Click below to browse the other adventure modules in the series.

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