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Studio WyldFurr

Mini-Terrain System

Welcome to the evolving project page for our Mini-Terrain System, a collection of 3D Printed hex blocks designed for use on the tabletop during role-playing games (or small scale skirmish miniatures battle games). Each of the pieces of the Mini-Terrain System collection are being designed for printing on FDM 3D Printers (in fact our text prints are made on an unmodified Ender 3 printer).

If you would like to get your hands on the STL files for the project, to print your own Mini-Terrain System set, or to discuss the project. You will need to become a Studio WyldFurr supporter over at Patreon. The project files are available for Dungeon Master tier supporters of the studio.

Photo Gallery

As the project progresses I will upload photos here with a little blurb about what element the photo is about.

Set Elements

At this point in time the below are the elements we are working on for the set. More specialized elements are on the drawing board.

Basic Hex Tiles

The basic unit of the collection is the basic hex tile. Each of these tiles is 100mm wide and 10mm in height. This gives us plenty of space to sculpt in detail such as roads, river elements, etc, within the 10mm of the base section. Each of the basic hex tiles includes a socket in each long edge for installing a 5mm ball magnet, which is then capped off with a small plug to keep the magnet in place. The magnet sockets provide the locking force to keep the tiles in place when setup on the tabletop, while also meaning that there are no interlocking clips to worry about when assembling the terrain for a game.

Each of the basic hex tiles includes a series of 2mm pin holes in the top surface for aligning add-on elements. Use 10mm lengths of surplus 1.7mm 3D printer filament as pins.

These hex tiles also come in half tile pieces to give assembled game boards a straight edge once assembled.

Feature Elements

The main aim of the set is to create ground surface environments for miniature tabletop gaming. The aim of the Feature Elements is to create the entrances to dungeons, such as small building, cave opening, mine shafts, etc.

Add-on Elements

The slope or hill add-on elements are being designed as pieces that will be glued to the top of a basic hex tile. Each element has pin holes in the bottom to align the element with the correct orientation of the basic hex it attaches too.

More complex elements will be combined with specially sculpted basic hex tiles. This is to facilitate features being sculpted into both the add-on and the basic hex.

Basic Add-on Elements (eg: Hills and Slopes) are designed to raise the height of the “ground level” to 30mm, with each add-on being 20mm in height.

Riser/Platform Hex Tiles

These Hex tiles are designed to have a “ground level” of 30mm and fulfill the same role as Basic Hex Tiles but as the upper ground level for the tops of hills.

These hex tiles also come in half tile pieces to give assembled game boards a straight edge once assembled. If for example a hill is on the edge of the game board area.

3D Printing Settings & Machine

We have been printing each element at a print quality of 0.1mm resolution. Each basic hex tile is printed upside-down on the hot bed, while the addon elements are printed right side up.