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Map Cards: Ancient Martian Lair

The Ancient Martian Lair collection of Poker style Map Cards is designed for Game Masters who want to quickly build a dungeon for their players on the fly. Shuffle the cards and draw the cards randomly to build the dungeon, or draw the cards and assemble the dungeon how you like it.

Deep in the wild forest sits an ancient building, covered in timeless moss and grass. The structure delves deep into the earth and hides many alien secrets. Do you dare to explore the martian lair?

Map Card Samples

Print on Demand

The Map Cards can be ordered from via their print on demand service.

  • Card Style: US Poker Card, Double-sided.
  • Paper Stock: Premium Card Stock, Rounded-corner, Low-gloss UV Coating.
  • Deck size: 51 Cards, plus one guide card.

PDF Version

If you want to print the cards yourself we have a PDF only version of the cards which you can pickup here in the Studio WyldFurr web store. Or you can just order the PDF version at

The PDF Version consists of a zip file that contains two PDF files, one consisting of the Face Artwork for each card. While the second includes the Back card art for each card.

$ 6.00

Fantasy Grounds Unity Art Asset Module

A new feature that has been introduced with the advent of the Unity edition of the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop app, is the conversion of some Studio WyldFurr products into art asset packs that take advantage of the map building tools inside Fantasy Grounds Unity. These art asset modules can be loaded into Fantasy Grounds Unity and activated within the app to enable using the art assets to create maps using the toolset inside Fantasy Grounds Unity.

These art asset modules for Fantasy Grounds Unity are only available to Patreon supporters of Studio WyldFurr.

Ancient Martian Lair - Fantasy Grounds Art Asset Module