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Game Master’s Starter Set

We have a special deal for all our fellow Game Master (or Dungeon Master) friends out there! We have wrapped up our top fantasy packs into a single Game Master’s Starter Set and discounted the whole lot by 25%!

You get $37.82 worth of value for $28.37. This pack bundles together all of the essential elements any Game Master is going to need when starting out with virtual desktop role-playing. Inside this bundle of products you will find:

Wildlife Tokens

The pack includes our Critterz: Token and Map Pack which gives you access to a range of standard wildlife for wilderness encounters. Plus the pack also includes basic maps for staging your own random encounters.

Regular Price: $9.96
Bundle Price: $7.49

Goblin Tokens

The pack includes our Goblin Tribes token set that has a wealth of different Goblin monster tokens. Such as goblin cultists, peasants, shamans, warriors, and goblin spider riders!

Regular Price: $5.95
Bundle Price: $4.47

Build your own Maps

Next up is the Raw Image Files Art Assets Edition of the Dungeon Map Tiles map building pack. With this set of map tiles you can build almost any dungeon you can dream up. Plus the pack also gives you the ability to build a stronghold to guard your dungeon!

Regular Price: $15.95
Bundle Price: $11.96

Tables, Chairs, & other Objects

Lastly we have slipped in the Fantasy Furniture Tokens. Building your own dungeon is great, but with this pack you can flesh out your rooms with tables, chairs, desks, book shelves, boxes, and crates!

Regular Price: $5.96
Bundle Price: $4.47

Using the Game Master’s Starter Set you could build a map just like this:

Sample Map

The Game Master’s Starter Set gives you $37.82 worth of value for only $28.37.

Get yourself fully setup for some classic pen’n’paper role-playing with your favorite virtual tabletop gaming program (such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, d20Pro, or Roll20), with map tiles to make adventure maps, furniture, and creature tokens to get you started for just $28.37.

Total value: $37.82 Special bundle price: $28.37
Savings of: $9.45 (25%)

Grab the Game Master’s Starter Set from DriveThruRPG.com

Game Master's Starter Set