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Deep Space Initiative – Campaign Setting

“We have all grown up with the stories of the wild days of the outer rim systems. The distant frontier colonies, so far out from the central planets that a man could forge himself a new life, build a fortune mining undiscovered mineral deposits, or just explore the vastness of space.”

“The good old days some say, out there where no one has wandered before.”

“Let me be the first to welcome you to the Deep Space Initiative of the Athenian Cluster. You stand upon the very edge of the known, and the unknown. In accordance with your employment contract it is your mission to go forward on the behalf of the Athenian Cluster and chart this region of deep space.”

Some of you will be mapping uncharted planets, while those of you assigned to the analytical services will be researching material that does not even appear on our periodic table of elements.”

“This is going to be a wild ride of exploration, and you are the Athenian Cluster’s cutting edge!”

The Athenian Cluster and subsidiaries will supply you with everything you need on your journey into the unknown.

Adventure Modules

Over the coming months we will be releasing small adventure modules set in the Deep Space Initiative campaign. These adventure modules will come in two forms:

  • A Fantasy Grounds Adventure Module. Which includes all map images, tokens, story entries, NPC & Item data sheets. You will need the Starfinder RPG – Ruleset and Core Rules installed.
  • A Generic Virtual Tabletop Adventure Module zip file (all the maps, artwork, and module text that can be imported into Apps such as d20Pro, Roll20, Battlegrounds, etc).

Over time the modules will string together a major plot line with a number of sub plots, with the entire adventure path set in Studio WyldFurr‘s science fiction campaign setting. Below is a list of each adventure module.

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