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Studio WyldFurr
Beyond the Barbed Wire

Sherman TanksAt 4:45AM on the morning of Friday, September the 1st, 1939 – the German army ignited the Second World War as 52 divisions invaded Poland. Like dominoes the nations of Europe mobilized in the face of Nazi aggression, preparing for the coming storm that would blanket the world until the surrender of the Empire of Japan on September 2, 1945.

Beyond the Barbed Wire aims to provide a companion supplement for players who wish to experience the war torn environment of the Second World War. Following in the footsteps of countless heroes who battled across the deserts of North Africa, the island jungles of the Pacific, the hedgerows of France, and the vast snowfields of Russia.

Flak gun and crewThis gaming supplement provides Players and Game Masters with the materials to create characters such as elite paratroopers, secretive SOE Agents, and the reliable infantry soldier. We also provide a detailed equipment list to outfit characters with paraphernalia appropriate to their national military resources.

Beyond the Barbed Wire has been designed with the seasoned role-playing gamer in mind, the material can be dropped onto the existing d20 3.5 edition rules or Pathfinder to form in essence a companion handbook for the Second World War.

So strap on your ammo belt, ready that pistol, gather your courage, and get ready to go Beyond the Barbed Wire!