Volkswagen Type 82 Kubelwagen Kfz.1

This is a digital downloadable product. The product contains a number of “tokens” that display a single 3D rendered character in a variety of action poses, or employing different weapons/equipment. The tokens are suitable for use with digital role-playing software such as Fantasy Grounds, or Battlegrounds. All Studio WyldFurr tokens and maps have been created for an on screen scale of 3 pixels to each real world inch.

$ 1.00

Product Description

2nd Gen. Token SetThis token set depicts the Volkswagen Kübelwagen (literally translated as “bucket car” for its resemblance to a metal bathtub on wheels). The Kubelwagen was designed by Ferdinand Porsche and built by Volkswagen (based on the Volkswagen Beetle design) as a general purpose military transport vehicle for the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS. Thus the Kubelwagen was essentially, a German version Jeep.

The vehicle rendered in this token pack display the Kubelwagen with the hood up and down, a variety of passengers, and different paint colors.

This token set is part of a larger token pack, you can find this token set inside the German Token Pack, Second World War Token Pack. which is available from RpgNow.com

If you want to know more about this token set, or the larger token pack it is from, check out the Studio Editorial article: German Tokens.