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The Tower of Lord Munch (Fantasy Grounds Edition)

Do you role-play online using the Fantasy Grounds application to manage your virtual tabletop? The Fantasy Grounds Edition of this Compass Point (mini-adventure exploration location) contains all of the story and Game Master narrative, NPC and Object Tokens, and adventure maps contained inside a Fantasy Grounds Module. This module comes in the form of a .mod file that once unpacked from the product zip file, must be placed inside the Modules folder within the Fantasy Grounds Application Data folder. Once there the module can be activated within the Fantasy Grounds App any time you wish to use the adventure module.

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The Tower of Lord Munch (Fantasy Grounds Edition)

Product Description

A D&D 3.5e mini-adventure site for 4–6 Characters Levels 4-5

The Tower of Lord Munch is a mini-adventure that you can use in your existing fantasy adventure. The encounter location comes complete with maps, tokens, and Game Master Story Notes.

The Tower of Lord Munch

On the edge of the King’s personal estate sits the tower of Lord Munch, a dreadful place that peasant folk avoid at all costs. From the tower the agents and informants of Lord Munch traverse the Kingdom, keeping an eye on dissenters and rabble rouser’s who might rally the masses against the rule of the King.

The tower of Lord Munch is quite an unpleasant place to find yourself if you have spoken out against the harsh taxation enforced by the King. While for those who have whispered the words of revolution, the Tower could be the place of your doom.

The tower is the personal home of Lord Alfred Munch, the fellow who acts as the King’s problem solver.

Lord Munch and his retainers are employed as a kind of intelligence service, a group of thugs who arrest and then question “people of interest” to the Crown. Interrogations usually involve a scatter of questions liberally mixed with a harsh beating.

Many peasants and a few Nobles have ended up sitting on a stool in one of the interrogation rooms, answering questions between beatings from their Jailers. Those who have been set free often return home cripples, if they are set free at all.

The tower is a place of dread that is best avoided.

Fantasy Grounds Module

This edition of The Tower of Lord Munch mini-exploration adventure module comes in the form of a Fantasy Grounds Module or a .mod file. The module contains all of the Game Master Narrative, Story elements, NPC tokens, and map images. The story pages detail the inhabitants of the Lord’s Tower, their motivations and stats, plus a number of plot hooks to help introduce the adventure location into your campaign.

For more information about this product, please visit the project page for The Tower of Lord Munch.