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The Red Wolf Tavern

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Each Map Pin module consist of a Fantasy Grounds Adventure Module. Which includes all map images, tokens, story entries, NPC & Item data sheets. You will need the Pathfinder 2 RPG – Core Rules module installed in order to use each module within Fantasy Grounds. Each adventure location is non-specific to the world it is set in, thus enabling the Game Master the ability to drop the location into their campaign with very little effort.

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Sitting in the middle of nowhere, but on the road to everywhere important is the stone building of the Red Wolf Tavern. The medium size building is actually far younger than it’s ancient stonework happens to appear, the stone for the building having been excavated from an ancient abandoned villa deep in the woods.

Traveling merchants – whom make up the majority of the regular patrons – simply refer to the Tavern as the Red Wolf (or Wolf for short). Many merchants time their travel along the road so as to arrive at the tavern close to sundown, in order to enjoy the hospitality of the Tavern Master, as well as a good nights rest under the watchful eye of the tavern owner.

Although the tavern is notorious for not offering night lodgings, as the tavern owner never constructed guest sleeping quarters as a part of the tavern. This results in merchants sleeping rough in tents or their wagons just outside the Tavern at night. Many patrons have inquired of the proprietor why he would build such a tavern without night lodgings, to which there are various grunts about cleaning up bedrooms or a dislike of babysitting drunks and vagrants.

But the local grounds of the tavern are considered quite safe for sleeping travelers, as vagabonds and highwaymen avoid the Tavern. Lest they incur the wrath of Tavern’s proprietor, the retired Barbarian adventurer Gerald Wallace.

Module Contents

This Map Pin module contains three 2700px x 1980px adventure maps depicting the ground floor, upper floor, and the underground caves of the Red Wolf Tavern. The module includes thirteen Story Entries that detail the Red Wolf Tavern and inhabitants, along with Item Data Sheets for Special items that can be found within the tavern.

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