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Studio WyldFurr

Suburban Alien Building

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This is a digital downloadable map pack. The product contains a number of JPG image files designed for use by Game Masters as a quick ready to use collection of battlefield or Adventure maps. These maps are intended for use in applications such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, d20Pro, or Roll20. All Studio WyldFurr maps have been created for an on screen scale of 3 pixels to each real world inch, resulting in each 5ft character square being 180 pixels square. These maps are not intended for printing.


In the far future Aliens will live in the suburbs along with the rest of the human filth! Explore this three level Alien building to discover what those smelly Aliens are doing in your neighborhood!

This product consists of three Virtual tabletop maps that could be employed in a Starfinder, Shadowrun, GURPS, or any other fantasy science fiction adventure game.

The maps contained in this package depict the buildings ground floor, upper level floor, and an underground level.

The maps are for use in Applications such as Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, Battlegrounds, D20pro, or Astral

Each of the three maps within this pack is 1800 pixels by 1800 pixels, being ten by ten character squares in area.

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