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Grunk’s Lair (Fantasy Grounds Edition)

Do you role-play online using the Fantasy Grounds application to manage your virtual tabletop? The Fantasy Grounds Edition of this Compass Point (mini-adventure exploration location) contains all of the story and Game Master narrative, NPC and Object Tokens, and adventure maps contained inside a Fantasy Grounds Module. This module comes in the form of a .mod file that once unpacked from the product zip file, must be placed inside the Modules folder within the Fantasy Grounds Application Data folder. Once there the module can be activated within the Fantasy Grounds App any time you wish to use the adventure module.

$ 5.96

Grunks Lair - Fantasy Grounds Edition

Product Description

A Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition mini-adventure site for 3-4 Characters Levels 1-2

Grunk’s Lair is a mini-adventure that you can use in your existing fantasy adventure. The encounter location comes complete with maps, tokens, and Fantasy Grounds configured Game Master Story Notes.

Grunk’s Lair

In a cave on the banks of a forest stream, dwells a constantly grumpy old Ogre called Grunk. This old Ogre spends his days fishing or arguing with himself over the mundane – be they real or imagined – trivial things that trouble the muddled minds of Ogres. Occasionally Grunk ventures out from his hovel in search of something to add a little spice to his cooking pot. Which he usually finds in the form of an unfortunate farmer’s cow, or the farmer himself.

Grunk the OgreSome years ago Grunk re-purposed a collapsed riverside cave, by clearing out the rubble and building up the cave walls with stolen stone blocks that Grunk scavenged from a nearby ruined temple. After weaving a roof of thatched branches over the structure Grunk covered his new lair with the dirt that had once filled the cave when it originally collapsed. The passage of years has further concealed the underground structure as wild grass spread across the dirt roof, leaving only the exposed cave mouth as evidence of its presence in the landscape.

Grunk the Ogre

Your going to smell Grunk, long before he manages to get his grubby hands around your neck. He is a large hulking tub of overweight Ogre, well-fed on stolen sheep, or anything else slow enough to catch (or stupid enough). But don’t let Grunk’s dumb expression get the better of you, he is a crafty Ogre when it comes to finding his next meal. Just hope Adventurer, is not on the menu!

Fantasy Grounds Module

This edition of the Grunk’s Lair mini-exploration adventure module comes in the form of a Fantasy Grounds Module or a .mod file. The module contains all of the Game Master Narrative, Story elements, NPC tokens, and map images. The story pages detail the inhabitants of the Ogre’s Lair, their motivations and stats, plus a number of plot hooks to help introduce the adventure location into your campaign.

For more information about this product, please visit the project page for Grunk’s Lair.