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Gnome Crystal Mine (Fantasy Grounds Edition)

Do you role-play online using the Fantasy Grounds application to manage your virtual tabletop? The Fantasy Grounds Edition of this Compass Point (mini-adventure exploration location) contains all of the story and Game Master narrative, NPC and Object Tokens, and adventure maps contained inside a Fantasy Grounds Module. This module comes in the form of a .mod file that once unpacked from the product zip file, must be placed inside the Modules folder within the Fantasy Grounds Application Data folder. Once there the module can be activated within the Fantasy Grounds App any time you wish to use the adventure module.

$ 5.96

Gnome Crystal Mine
Gnome Crystal Mine
Gnome Crystal Mine
Gnome Crystal Mine
Gnome Crystal Mine (Fantasy Grounds Edition)
Gnome Crystal Mine
Gnome Crystal Mine
Gnome Crystal Mine
Gnome Crystal Mine

Product Description

A Dungeons & Dragons (SRD 3.5 edition) mini-adventure site for 4 to 6 Characters of Level 1 to 2

Deep inside a nearby forest a trio of Gnomes toil deep within the earth, in search of magical crystals. Crystals demanded by the wizard community for weird science experiments, delving into the wonders of the magical arts. But the flow of crystals from the mine has come to a sudden halt as ferocious Forest Cats have invaded the mine!

Having fled for their lives, the Gnomes now petition passing parties of adventurers for help to evict the feline squatters and retake the Crystal Mine. Offering intrepid adventurers who can accomplish the task a ransom of precious uncut crystals, worth a small fortune to the wizard community.

The forest cats now lurk within the dark confides of the Gnome Crystal Mine, having turned the caves within into a den. But why the mine when there is a plentiful forest outside, and why now? Unbeknown to the Gnomes, their burrowing through stone and crystal is slowly, with each shove full of earth, with each removed stone, the Gnome brothers are slowly uncovering an ancient stone prison.

Quite by accident the Gnomes are digging through ancient cave tunnels that were once upon a time converted into a prison for a long forgotten menace. A terror that has long since faded from living memory since it was imprisoned. The very crystals that the Gnomes excavate from the rock walls of the mine are by-products of the entities magical presence within it’s windowless stone prison.

Package Contents

This edition of the Gnome Crystal Mine mini-exploration adventure module comes in the form of a Fantasy Grounds Module or a .mod file. The module contains all of the Game Master Narrative, Story elements, NPC tokens, and map images. The story pages detail the inhabitants of the Mine, their motivations and stats, plus a number of plot hooks to help introduce the Gnome Crystal Mine adventure location into your campaign.

Maps: A series of maps depicting the Gnome Crystal Mine. All maps have been rendered on the basis of one square (180 pixels) equals 5ft.

  • Surface Entrance Map (area: 55ft x 65ft).
  • Living Quarters Map (area: 55ft x 85ft).
  • North-eastern Mine Map (area: 85ft x 85ft).
  • North-western Mine Map (area: 55ft x 85ft).

Tokens: A group of digital tokens to display creatures and objects found inside the Gnome Crystal Mine, as well as Non-Player Characters (NPC’s).

  • Crystal Storm Elemental (# tokens: 6).
  • Gnome – Dave (# tokens: 33).
  • Gnome – Jeremy (# tokens: 24).
  • Gnome – Victor (# tokens: 26).
  • Leopard (# tokens: 19).
  • Objects (# tokens: 44).
  • Spirit of the Druid Priness (# tokens: 10).
  • Tiger (# tokens: 18).

Story & Narrative: The module includes a wealth of location descriptions, and background material about the Gnome Crystal Mine and the NPC’s associated with it. This module was designed with for old school D’n’D in mind (SRD d20 3.5 edition).

For more information about this adventure module, visit the project page for the Gnome Crystal Mine.