Fantasy Starter Token Pack

This product comes in the form of a digital downloadable zip file which contains folders of “tokens” that display a single 3D rendered object or prop. The tokens are suitable for use with virtual tabletop apps such as Fantasy Grounds, or Battlegrounds, Roll20, Astral, d20Pro, etc.

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$ 9.95

Fantasy Starter Token Pack
Fantasy Starter Token Pack
Fantasy Starter Token Pack
Fantasy Starter Token Pack
Fantasy Starter Token Pack
Fantasy Starter Token Pack
Fantasy Starter Token Pack

Product Description

Wizards, warriors, rogues, and barbarians are the stuff of legends. Bards sing of the heroic deeds of such characters. This token pack gives Game Masters and Players access to a collection of mighty heroes that can be used to represent their RPG character on the virtual role-playing tabletop. The characters contained in this pack depict fantasy/historic theme.

The idea behind the Starter Token Packs is to give Players and Game Masters a basic set of tokens they can use for Player Characters. Each starter token pack consists of a number of individual token character sets, with each token character set consisting of a range of tokens depicting the character in a wide range of action poses plus a range of different tokens displaying the character using different weapons.

Inside the Fantasy Starter Token Pack you will find the following token character sets:

  • Demophilos Son of Diadromes – 61 Tokens
  • Forest Nymph – 89 Tokens
  • Grimnir the Warrior – 63 Tokens
  • Jasser the Unseen – 68 Tokens
  • Karissa the Blade Maden – 56 Tokens
  • Kogan the Barbarian – 52 Tokens
  • Lycurgus – 59 Tokens
  • Priestess of Amun – 92 Tokens
  • Sabrina the Archer – 62 Tokens
  • Silver Dawn Assassin – 67 Tokens
  • Sir Ronald the Just – 55 Tokens
  • Sir Tristan of Hollowbrook – 76 Tokens
  • Sophie the Rogue – 52 Tokens
  • Thrug the Barbarian – 50 Tokens
  • Willber the Wizard – 60 Tokens

To learn more about this product, visit the Project page for the Fantasy Starter Token Pack.