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Dungeon Map Tiles – Pack #3

$ 4.00

This is a digital downloadable art pack product. The product contains a number of “map tiles” rendered from montage of photographic material plus hand painted modification. The map tiles are suitable for use with software such as Photoshop, Gimp, or other such graphics editing software. The aim is to provide Players and Game Masters a means of creating their own maps by assembling the tiles and then using the resulting map in digital role-playing software such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, or Roll20.net. All Studio WyldFurr maps have been created for an on screen scale of 3 pixels to each real world inch, resulting in each 5ft character square being 180 pixels square.


The third Map pack in our Dungeon Map Tiles range expands on the current set by adding in sunken floor areas that you can turn into sub-levels within your dungeon, or different platforms within a large chamber. The pack also includes curved wall tiles so you can now build passageways that snake around corners, or rooms with curved corners. Plus there is the circular stairway that can be used to connect different level floors to each other.

There are also gutters filled with water that can add a little spice to your floor plans.

Updated: 11/12/14

All map tile packs now include 180 pixel square scale tiles and 50 pixel square tiles.

Purchasing Options

Dungeon Map TilesWhen we were developing the map tiles we broke down the tiles into four basic groups: The Basic tiles, a flooded set of tiles, a split level set, and lastly a surface set complete with castle walls. As each stage was completed we released each stage as a Map Pack here in the Studio WyldFurr store to let people get a taste of the Map Tiles.

Now that all stages have been completed, we have bundled up the entire project into one big Map Pack. This pack contains all of the map tiles from our pre-production map packs. The jumbo map pack can be found on RPGnow.com along with other great products from Studio WyldFurr, such as the Fantasy Furniture Tokens Pack which is a great asset for adding furniture to your dungeon map.

The Dungeon Map Pack is avalible for $12.45 at RPGnow.com If you already own one of the smaller Map Tile Packs from the Studio Store, and don’t want to buy the whole thing again. You can still get the individual packs from the Studio Store.

How to…

To use the Dungeon Map Tiles, you will need a graphics editing program such as Photoshop, Gimp, Campaign Cartographer, Dungeon Designer, etc. Simply create an image canvas, then drag’n’drop each map tile into place to build your dungeon. Once you have all the rooms and passageways the way you want them, save the image as a JPG for use in your next role-playing session. It is that easy!

If your looking for a tutorial about how to use GIMP to build your maps with our range of map tiles, click here for our map building with GIMP tutorial.

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