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Dungeon Map Tiles II – Pack #4

$ 3.50

This is a digital downloadable art pack product. The product contains a number of “map tiles” rendered from montage of photographic material plus hand painted modification. The map tiles are suitable for use with software such as Photoshop, Gimp, or other such graphics editing software. The aim is to provide Players and Game Masters a means of creating their own maps by assembling the tiles and then using the resulting map in digital role-playing software such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, or Roll20.net. All Studio WyldFurr maps have been created for an on screen scale of 3 pixels to each real world inch, resulting in each 5ft character square being 180 pixels square.

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This is our second series in our fantasy Map Tiles range: Dungeon Map Tiles II. This map tiles set contains all new artwork that you can use to build your role-playing maps. Plus the map tiles can be used in conjunction with the first series to create a range of different maps!

This art pack consists of the “small round tower” map tiles, designed to encase the circular walls and circular staircase tiles in Pack #1. The pack includes a variety of tiles as JPG’s and PNG’s. The PNG’s – which include transparency areas – are designed for use as an “overlay” tile to to hide elements of lower tiles. The pack also includes new “upper level” tiles (introduced in Pack #3 of this series) for cladding the outside of “upper levels” for second story maps and above.

Missing Tiles

We goofed and forgot to put four tiles into the set. We have added an extra zip file that contains the missing map tiles. Just go to your downloads and you should see a download titled: Dungeon Map Tiles II Pack #4 – The Missing Tiles. Sorry about that…

Dungeon Map Tiles II

Jumbo Pack Deal

This is the fourth pre-production pack in the Dungeon Map Tiles II set. If you want to get the whole set in one single jumbo pack, instead of each single pre-production pack – the whole lot can be found as a single jumbo pack on RPGnow.com.

If you already own a number of the pre-production packs, you don’t have to buy the jumbo pack on RPGnow.com, just buy the packs your missing from the Studio Store.

How to…

To use the Dungeon Map Tiles, you will need a graphics editing program such as Photoshop, Gimp, Campaign Cartographer, Dungeon Designer, etc. Simply create an image canvas, then drag’n’drop each map tile into place to build your dungeon. Once you have all the rooms and passageways the way you want them, save the image as a JPG for use in your next role-playing session. It is that easy!

If your looking for a tutorial about how to use GIMP to build your maps with our range of map tiles, click here for our map building with GIMP tutorial.

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