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Studio WyldFurr

Cult of the Iron Mask (Generic VTT Edition)

$ 5.96

Do you role-play online using a virtual tabletop system such as Battlegrounds, Roll20, Astral, or d20Pro? The Generic Virtual Tabletop Edition of this mini-adventure exploration location contains all of the story documentation as a PDF, plus the tokens and maps as stand alone images you can import into your choice of virtual tabletop system.


A Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition mini-adventure site for 4–6 Characters Levels 3-4

In the darkness of the middle ages the rights of women folk are often left unguarded by chivalry as men give in to lust, jealousy, or the intricacies of arranged marriages made to foster alliances and cement political power.

The Cult of the Iron Mask is the direct reaction of the women folk of a distant land against the tyranny of wicked men. A secret, militant society of women folk. Who seek vengeance against those who break the vows of chivalry, abusing the sanctity and innocence of womanhood. While also offering safe sanctuary, and a new life to those seeking to flee unjust treatment at the hands of mans lust.

The average follower maintains a secret pact with the cult, watching society as innocent helpless women. Looking on from the windows of peasant hovels, or listening in from the kitchens of merchant lords.

While acolytes of the Iron Mask – normally women folk who have fled terrible husbands or oppressive slave masters – reside in a secret underground monastery. From where, the cult coordinates contacts with women sympathetic to their cause, or under the guise of the dreaded “Women of the Iron Mask,” launch raids to free the oppressed and punish the wickedness of men.

Package Contents

This edition of the Cult of the Iron Mask mini-exploration adventure module comes in the form of a zip file containing a Guide PDF, a folder of Virtual Tabletop tokens, and a folder of map image files.

Maps: A series of maps depicting the Cultist hideout. All maps have been rendered on the basis of one square (180 pixels) equals 5ft. Each map includes a duplicate that does not display any of the markers, eg: grid square, height markers, slope markers, etc.

  • Acolytes Living Quarters
  • Catacombs
  • Hall of Statues
  • Matriarchs Living Quarters
  • The Surface (open)
  • The Surface (closed)
  • The Water Trap
  • The Way Down

Tokens: A folder of tokens to display creatures and objects found inside the Cult of the Iron Mask, as well as Non-Player Characters (NPC’s).

  • Acolyte Living Quarters
  • Chair
  • Matriarchs Living Quarters
  • NPCs
  • The Hall of Statues
  • The Surface
  • The Water Trap
  • The Way Down

Guide PDF: All of the Story and Game Master Narrative is included in the Guide PDF. The guide consists of 35 pages of location descriptions, NPC backgrounds, plot hooks, etc. This mini adventure site was designed with for old school Dungeons & Dragons in mind (SRD d20 3.5 edition).