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Cult of the Iron Mask (Fantasy Grounds Edition)

Do you role-play online using the Fantasy Grounds application to manage your virtual tabletop? The Fantasy Grounds Edition of this Compass Point (mini-adventure exploration location) contains all of the story and Game Master narrative, NPC and Object Tokens, and adventure maps contained inside a Fantasy Grounds Module. This module comes in the form of a .mod file that once unpacked from the product zip file, must be placed inside the Modules folder within the Fantasy Grounds Application Data folder. Once there the module can be activated within the Fantasy Grounds App any time you wish to use the adventure module.

$ 5.96

Cult of the Iron Mask (Fantasy Grounds Edition)

Product Description

A Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition mini-adventure site for 4–6 Characters Levels 3-4

In the darkness of the middle ages the rights of women folk are often left unguarded by chivalry as men give in to lust, jealousy, or the intricacies of arranged marriages made to foster alliances and cement political power.

The Cult of the Iron Mask is the direct reaction of the women folk of a distant land against the tyranny of wicked men. A secret, militant society of women folk. Who seek vengeance against those who break the vows of chivalry, abusing the sanctity and innocence of womanhood. While also offering safe sanctuary, and a new life to those seeking to flee unjust treatment at the hands of mans lust.

The average follower maintains a secret pact with the cult, watching society as innocent helpless women. Looking on from the windows of peasant hovels, or listening in from the kitchens of merchant lords.

While acolytes of the Iron Mask – normally women folk who have fled terrible husbands or oppressive slave masters – reside in a secret underground monastery. From where, the cult coordinates contacts with women sympathetic to their cause, or under the guise of the dreaded “Women of the Iron Mask,” launch raids to free the oppressed and punish the wickedness of men.

Fantasy Grounds Module

This edition of the Cult of the Iron Mask mini-exploration adventure module comes in the form of a Fantasy Grounds Module or a .mod file. The module contains all of the Game Master Narrative, Story elements, NPC tokens, and map images. The story pages detail the inhabitants of the Cultists Dungeon, their motivations and stats, plus a number of plot hooks to help introduce the adventure location into your campaign.

For more information about this product, visit the project page for the Cult of the Iron mask.