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Critterz Token Pack

This product comes in the form of a digital downloadable zip file which contains folders of “tokens” that display a single 3D rendered object or prop. The tokens are suitable for use with virtual tabletop apps such as Fantasy Grounds, or Battlegrounds, Roll20, Astral, d20Pro, etc.

Use as Art Assets: The material in this token pack can be employed as art assets during adventure map construction. You will need an art editing App such as Photoshop, Gimp, Clip Studio Paint, or Krita that permits you the ability to use imported image files.

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Critterz Token Pack
Critterz Token Pack
Critterz Token Pack
Critterz Token Pack
Critterz Token Pack

Product Description

Have you’re players been wandering through a lifeless wilderness, wondering where all the animals have gone? Why their deer hunts have been uneventful, or why the swamp is devoid of Crocodiles or even the odd Hippo?

Where are the wolves of the forest? Or the eagles in the sky?

Critterz is a token pack aimed at helping Game Masters flesh out their wilderness (and game world in general) with a wealth of creatures, magical and non-magical in nature. The pack also contains a collection of maps that Game Masters can use as a blank canvas upon which to stage random encounters with wandering animals/monsters.

  • Bear
  • Beetle Swarm
  • Big Horn Sheep
  • Cat
  • Cockroach Swarm
  • Crab Swarm
  • Crocodile
  • Demon Wolf
  • Deer Fawn
  • Dragon Snake
  • Eagle
  • Elephant
  • Fly Swarm
  • Giant Crab
  • Giant Fly
  • Hippo
  • Horse
  • Large Beetle
  • Large Cockroach
  • Large Crab
  • Large Frog
  • Large Snake
  • Large Spider (plus web tokens)
  • Lion
  • Mutant
  • Octopus
  • Rhino
  • Sea Monster Tentacle
  • Small Dragon
  • Watcher
  • Wolf

This token pack also contains a number of small skirmish maps that can be employed as general battle maps for the Virtual Tabletop in apps such as Astral, Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, or D20Pro. The maps contained in this pack are:

  • Stormwater Drain 0000: A modern rainwater drainage canal running through an open grassy area (80ft x 55ft).
  • Small Canal 0000: Same as above, but with slightly more water and larger map size (80ft x 80ft).
  • Small Canal + Path 0000: Same as above, but with a path besides the canal on a smaller map (80ft x 55ft).
  • Footpath 0000: A concrete footpath through an open grass area (80ft x 55ft).
  • Grassland 0000: The name says it all (80ft x 80ft).
  • River Canal Edge 0000: Grassland up to the edge of a wide water filled canal (80ft x 80ft).
  • Road by Grassland 0000: A road through grassland (80ft x 80ft).
  • Road by Wasteland 0000: A road through wasteland (80ft x 80ft).
  • Road by Wasteland 0001: Same as above, but wasteland is more dirt and gravel (80ft x 80ft).
  • Wasteland 0000: An open area of dirt and stones, just like above, but without the road (80ft x 80ft).