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Cave Map Tiles: Pack #7

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This is a digital downloadable art pack product. The product contains a number of “map tiles” rendered from montage of photographic material plus hand painted modification. The map tiles are suitable for use with software such as Photoshop, Gimp, or other such graphics editing software. The aim is to provide Players and Game Masters a means of creating their own maps by assembling the tiles and then using the resulting map in digital role-playing software such as Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, or Roll20.net. All Studio WyldFurr maps have been created for an on screen scale of 3 pixels to each real world inch, resulting in each 5ft character square being 180 pixels square.

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This is the seventh part in the Cave Map Tiles series of production packs. This part of the Cave Map Tiles set brings you a collection of feature multi-tile blocks for creating the entrance into your cave system. The blocks include a simple cave entrance in the side of a dirt cliff face, along with multi-tile passageways that let a Game Master map designer link a cave system into a Dungeon Map Tiles Dungeon. As ether a broken down wall single passageway, or a double wide passageway excavation.

Plus also this pack include a feature rock section for the cliff tiles. Plus a simple faded cave entrance as a “cave starting point” for your maps.

Cave Map Tiles Part #7 Sample

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Cave Map Tiles on RPGnow.com

This is the seventh part in the Cave Map Tiles set, as we were building the Cave Map Tiles set we released the set in stages. If you already own some of these production packs, all you need to do is purchase the parts your missing. If you want to get the whole set in one go, we have released the whole set at RPGnow.com. Click here to view information about the whole Cave Map Tiles set that is available at RPGnow.com.

Join the Discussion

Want to join in the discussion of the new map tiles set as it is being made, and see sneak peeks of the artwork? Join the discussion over at the Fantasy Grounds Forum.

Map Tiles Tutorial

Want to know how to use the map tiles made by Studio WyldFurr? Check out our Map Tiles Tutorial that demonstrates how to use the map tiles in conjunction with the graphics software program Gimp.

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