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Studio WyldFurr

Battle Mecha

$ 1.00

This is a digital downloadable product. The product contains a number of “tokens” that display a single 3D rendered character in a variety of action poses, or employing different weapons/equipment. The tokens are suitable for use with digital role-playing software such as Fantasy Grounds, or Battlegrounds. All Studio WyldFurr tokens and maps have been created for an on screen scale of 3 pixels to each real world inch.


2nd Gen. Token SetThe most powerful war engines of the future are giant walking combat engines, some people call them Mecha, other people call them Battlemechs or just Mechs for short. Ether way the machines tower over buildings piloted by future warriors from an armored cabin.

This science fiction themed vehicle token set contains 15 tokens of the Mecha depicted in the samples.

Giant Tokens

The vehicle depicted in the tokens of this set are large, very large. Rendered at the 3:1 scale we use for all of our Generation #2 tokens the Battle Mech is 7 to 8 character squares in width!!

Token Pack Bundle

This Mecha vehicle token set is available at a discount in the War Machines – Mecha, Droids, and Robots package of virtual tabletop tokens.

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