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Patreon Supporter Survey

This survey has been designed to help us learn about your expectations and interests in regard to the material produced by Studio WyldFurr.

Tailz AvatarHello there, I am Tailz the artist inside Studio WyldFurr. I have created this survey in order to uncover not only how you discovered my work, but to learn what it is that I do that you enjoy. So I can learn how to create more material that captures your imagination. I greatly appreciate each and everyone who supports me via Patreon. Your support helps to support my dream as an artist. Thank you!

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Are you currently a supporter of Studio WyldFurr on Patreon?

Although this survey was designed for our Patreon supporters. People who are net yet supporters are welcome to give their feedback as well.

How long have you been using Patreon?

How did you first hear about Studio WyldFurr?

Did you discover Studio WyldFurr via a Google Search? Or did you hear about us from a friend?

What roleplaying rules do you use?

There are so many rules systems out there on the market now. Tailz prefers to use Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 (d20SRD) or Pathfinder Second Edition, but he would like to know what you use? (You can select more than one item)

What Virtual Tabletop application do you prefer to use?

We design a lot of material for use with VTT Apps. Currently we focus on Fantasy Grounds, but what app do you like to use? (You can select more than one item)

Adventure Map building software?

Do you build your own adventure maps? If yes, what software or apps do you use? (You can select more than one item)

What kind of campaign setting themes interests you?

On a scale of zero stars (no interest at all) to ten stars (give me more of this), rate your interest in the following themes.

Historic (Roman, Viking, Medieval, etc)
High Fantasy - Medieval Swords and Sorcery!
World War II
Modern Day
Science Fiction

Rate your interest about the Projects from Studio WyldFurr

On a scale of one star (no interest at all) to five stars (give me more of this), rate your interest in each of the following Projects from Studio WyldFurr.

Map TIles
Virtual Tabletop Tokens
Compass Points - d20SRD 3.5e Adventure Location Modules
Map Pins - Pathfinder 2nd Edition Adventure Location Modules
Battle Maps - Print on Demand Posters
Map Cards - Print on Demand six inch square Cards
Map Cards - Print on Demand Poker Style Cards
Mini-Terrain System - 3D printable tabletop terrain
Deep Space Initiative – Starfinder Campaign Setting and Adventure Modules
The Cube – Pathfinder 2nd Edition Campaign Setting and Adventure Modules
Beyond the Barbed Wire – WWII Campaign Setting and Adventure Modules (d20SRD 3.5e)
Conversion of projects (such as Map Cards or Map Tiles) into Fantasy Grounds Unity Art Assets.

Project Productivity Vs Reality

Tailz always attempts to complete at least one project per month. This could be the creation of a new pack of map tiles, a new set of tokens, conversion of an old project, or an adventure module. But often Tailz bites off more than he can chew with some projects, or real-life issues just hampers his ability to stay on task. Please signal your response if Tailz misses a project delivery for a month.

Extra Projects and Features

Tailz has been experimenting with a lot of different things. What sorts of extra projects would you like to see expanded? You can select more than one item.

Your hints, tips, requests, and comments

This is the point in the survey where you get to have your say. Use this space to provide hints, tips, or requests for different projects?

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